DeskPRO for IT

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Capture all the information you need to solve tickets, fast

DeskPRO's advanced configuration options make it ideal for IT service desks.

Customised to your needs

Use custom fields, triggers, escalations and SLAs to create a service desk or helpdesk that works with your existing support process.

Capture the right information for each issue

An incident report needs different information from a request for change or a requisition. With DeskPRO's departments system, you can have different forms for each type of ticket.

Incredibly flexible input options - including nested fields, regex verification and context-sensitive field display - ensure you collect all the important information at each stage of the ticket lifecycle, without wasting anybody's time.

Supports ITIL service desk

Using ITIL or a similar best practices framework to manage your service desk? DeskPRO has you covered.

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Add user fields to your ticket forms

Sometimes you need information about the user to solve a ticket, like an account number or subscription level.

You can add a custom user field to the ticket form, prompting the user to enter or update information to be stored on their profile within the DeskPRO CRM app.

Per-user and per-organization fields

Multiple-choice fields can have different values depending on the user or organization. Ideal for lists of servers or buildings within a site or campus.

SLAs: meet your service goals

Service Level Agreements help you track your helpdesk's response time standards.

You can make an SLA for a simple goal like "respond to all tickets in 12 hours", or get more sophisticated: track total user waiting time, count only working hours, limit an SLA to certain users only, and much more.

Tickets that are close to failing or have failed are highlighted to your agents. You can set automatic actions to run on warning or failure and get the ticket back on track.

Escalations: stop tickets getting stale

Use escalations to run actions based on the time a ticket has spent in a certain state.

If a ticket has taken too long to resolve, increase its urgency or assign to a different team. If the user takes too long to reply, send an automatic follow-up to check that the issue has been resolved.

Deflect tickets with self-help content

With your portal Knowledgebase, you can offer users instant 24/7 access to help content. It's easy to turn a ticket about a common problem into a help article using DeskPRO's integrated rich text editor.

When users submit tickets through the portal, DeskPRO can even suggest relevant articles before the ticket is submitted.

BTW, just want to let you know that the support agents in our IT department are really praising DeskPRO. Made their work much easier.

Timo Heil, Project Manager

Keep users informed with News on your portal

Your portal has a News section where you can publish posts to keep users informed about planned maintenance, system status or new services.

No need to maintain a separate blog platform. Create posts from within the agent interface with an easy rich-text editor.

Share useful files

Get users the files they need without falling foul of email size limits or corporate attachment policies. The Downloads area of your portal makes it easy to host software, manuals, example files, test data or anything else your users need.

Supporting multiple organizations made easy

DeskPRO can track which organization each user belongs to and even automatically assign users to organizations based on email address.

You can appoint organization managers, who can then log in to the portal and view all of the organization's tickets, so they can get an overview of the support you're providing and spot duplicate reports.

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