DeskPRO for E-Commerce

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Live chat included

Pur our live chat on your store to answer last-minute presales questions. Integration takes seconds.

Included at no extra cost, our chat system has features you won't find in dedicated chat products, like real-time preview of user messages as they type so you can get a head start on finding an answer.

Happy customers in less time

Resolve issues quickly in a rich, real-time web interface that shows you each customer's history with the helpdesk at a glance.

Support every step of the customer journey

DeskPRO's comprehensive web and email integration means you can tie together all your support channels: sales inquiry emails, your website support form, and real-time chat on your site.

Gather the details you need

Use custom fields to gather all the information you need about your customer. Capture user information like account number on your support form.

Reflect your brand values

Every word of copy in automated emails and on the portal can be customized to reflect your brand values. Brand the portal to match your site, from logo to colors, or use CSS for total design control.

Single Sign On for a seamless customer experience

Don't waste your customers' time by making them log in needlessly.

Sign customers into the user portal with account details from your website or database, or with existing Magento or social media accounts.

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