How OptiCom ensured the highest quality of customer service by switching to Deskpro.

After realizing that their customer support was being affected by their helpdesk, IT solutions providers OptiCom began the search for an on-premise tool that could instantly improve their customer support.
The Challenge

OptiCom have been providing large enterprises with IT solutions and expert advice for over 25 years across Latvia and the Baltics. Their mission is to offer the best IT solutions as well as ensuring the highest quality of service to their customers.

However, the support team, at OptiCom were struggling to provide the level of service they strived for and were being held back by their helpdesk. Arnis Morkans, Head of IT at OptiCom, began the search for a new solution.

“We were using HP Service Manager. It was unreliable and way too complicated to use, so we decided we wanted to change helpdesk software.”

About OptiCom
OptiCom is one of the leading IT integrators and solution distributers in Latvia. Since 1994, they have provided a wide range of professional IT services to the Banking, Insurance and Education industries.
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The Solution

As an IT solutions company, OptiCom were very keen to implement an On-Premise helpdesk, especially as they would have complete control over their data.

During the free trial, Arnis was able to test the capabilities of Deskpro to the full extent, and set up the helpdesk in a live environment. After comparing it with a few other helpdesk options, it didn’t take long for Arnis and the team to decide that Deskpro was going to fit all of their needs.

“When a helpdesk just works it is beautiful, and Deskpro did that from day one.”

The stand-out features for Arnis were the flexibility of the Ticketing and the ability to integrate reports with other software. Implementation of the helpdesk was quick and the support team were ready to go within days.

"Using the Feedback tool has enabled us to find out what our customers are really thinking "
Arnis Morkans
Arnis Morkans
Head of IT, OptiCom
"When a helpdesk just works it is beautiful, and Deskpro did that from day one "
Arnis Morkans, Head of IT, OptiCom
The Benefits

OptiCom have found that the increased reliability of Deskpro has enabled them to focus solely on improving the happiness of their customers. All of the support handled via email and tickets has benefitted from the Agent productivity tools, such as snippets and collaboration.

In addition, Arnis and the customer support team have been utilizing the Feedback tool within Deskpro. This has helped them to keep a track of the happiness of their customers, and identify what needs improving.

“Using the Feedback tool has enabled us to find out what our customers are really thinking”

The flexibility of Deskpro, has also allowed OptiCom to access and share all of their helpdesk reports with other business units in a central location. This has proved to be especially handy for high-level management meetings across different departments, using Metabase for all of the reports.

“We have been able to sync Deskpro reports with Metabase. This allows other business units to access and digest the support data alongside other datasets.”

Having moved away from a helpdesk solution that wasn’t performing, Arnis was really happy with the level of support that Deskpro offers to all customers.

“The support team at Deskpro have been very helpful and answered all of our questions. It makes my job much easier.”

The Future

OptiCom have been with Deskpro since 2017 and have been able to grow alongside the product. Arnis and the team are always looking at ways in which they can improve their customer service options. They are planning to take a deeper look at Live Chat as well as looking forward to implementing Voice within their helpdesk.

"The support team at Deskpro have been very helpful and answered all of our questions "
Arnis Morkans
Arnis Morkans
Head of IT, OptiCom

Opticom's favorite features of Deskpro


Set up powerful automatic actions to run in response to ticket events.

Ticket Conversations

Email replies are automatically added to the corresponding ticket and agents may add internal notes, simplifying the work for agents.

Agent Interface

Manage all emails, chats, tickets and more - using a single, easy-to-understand interface.

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