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How Les Scouts decided to move to Deskpro in order to more efficiently manage their ever-growing group of members.

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Les Scouts were faced with the challenges of effectively maintaining smooth communication with their members and volunteers, so they decided to migrate to Deskpro's easily manageable ticket system.
The Challenge

As the largest scout association in Belgium, it is crucial that Les Scouts use an efficient and dependable platform in order to best communicate with their members.

Christian Mattart, Webmaster at Les Scouts, explained that himself and the team were previously using a shared email addresses to handle their enquiries. However, they found it challenging to maintain and coordinate a smooth communication flow and it was getting harder over time to keep up.

“Our previous system proved extremely difficult to handle conversations with our members.”

About Les Scouts
Les Scouts is a voluntary educational movement for young people, founded in 1912. It is the largest Scout association in the French and German speaking parts of Belgium, with over 48,300 scouts.
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The Solution

Aware of their challenges, Les Scouts decided to start looking at what helpdesk software was available. Deskpro was able to offer a solution that could streamline their processes and introduce an easy to manage ticket system.

The initial project was to improve the way that members enquiries are received and handled. Christian and his team linked Deskpro to their website’s contact form. This meant that any enquiries sent through the website would be automatically received as a ticket on the helpdesk.

Behind the scenes, the team loved the scale of automations possible with Deskpro. Les Scouts were able to automate aspects of their helpdesk to speed up some of the more manual tasks using triggers and API's. Not only did this reduce the chance of human error, but it also freed up more time for the agents.

"Deskpro’s technical support is very responsive, and we love that. "
Christian Mattart
Christian Mattart
Webmaster, Les Scouts
"We are excited to integrate Deskpro’s voice feature, and monitor it using our customized reports. "
Christian Mattart, Webmaster, Les Scouts
The Benefits

By utilizing just a few of Deskpro’s expansive feature set, Les Scouts have been able to connect with their members more effectively and productively. Agents can now ensure each response is properly answered and has the personal touch. And managers are able to see real data in the reports dashboards and customized reports. Apart from the product, what Christian has enjoyed the most is the help from the Deskpro support team.

“We have had such a positive interaction with the Deskpro support team, it's really appreciated.”

As Les Scouts have an On-Premise license, they were initially a bit nervous that if they ran into any technical issues, whether they would be able to overcome them. However, from the moment that they started their trial, the Technical support team here at Deskpro was by their side lending a hand.

“Deskpro’s technical support is very responsive, and we love that.”

The Future

The move for Les Scouts to Deskpro has improved communications with members as well as internal organization. Looking forward, Les Scouts plans to integrate and utilize more of Deskpro’s features, in order to continue growing and providing excellent support to their members and volunteers.

In particular, Christian and his team are interested to implement Voice, a new feature which Deskpro are set to release shortly.

“We are excited to integrate Deskpro’s voice feature, and monitor it using our customized reports.”

Allowing Les Scouts an even more advanced solution to fulfil their primary aim of interacting on a more personal level with their members across multiple channels, all from the same helpdesk software.

"Our previous system proved extremely difficult to handle conversations with our members. "
Christian Mattart
Christian Mattart
Webmaster, Les Scouts

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