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C>Ways expanded its support capabilities with a featureful helpdesk

C>Ways were using a free helpdesk solution but decided it needed something more flexible to support its team and customers.






Wykeham, UK




IT Consulting

The Challenge

C>Ways IT support desk were using the free helpdesk Spiceworks. With limited functionality and in-product adverts, it wasn’t ideal for delivering the efficient customer focussed services C>Ways are built upon. Melissa Pratt, Helpdesk Supervisor, was tasked with finding an alternative.

"We used Spiceworks (a free solution). It was full of adverts and didn’t offer a lot of flexibility."

Melissa wanted a product that would allow the IT team at C>Ways to be able to offer a tailored service to their clients. As they were moving from a free solution, the cost of the new online helpdesk system needed to be justifiable as having a significant improvement in features and customization.

"When moving from a free product to a paid for product the expense needs to be justifiable – you need to be sure you’re getting value for money."

The Solution

Melissa was thorough when exploring the options available with price point a key factor. When she began evaluating Deskpro, she was confident it was worth the new expense with a drastic improvement for the IT support desk at C>Ways.

"When we looked at Deskpro it was just such a great price for what you get. We are able to customize it brilliantly for our requirements."

Deskpro was configured and rolled out smoothly. It is now used every day by various teams at C>Ways.

"We got everyone set up in the system really quickly. It just pops up in the morning and away we go."

The Benefits

C>Ways bought Deskpro as a customer ticketing system and that’s where the team saw immediate benefit.

"It worked really well for ticket management straight away – we added in some custom fields allowing us to configure it to exactly what we needed."

As time has gone on though they have looked at other ways to leverage Deskpro to make their helpdesk even more efficient. Melissa felt that the Deskpro chat feature may be a good way of dealing more lightly with high volume one-touch tickets so decided to give this a try. Live chat has proved a big success with C>Ways’ clients.

"The integrated live chat is really handy. If clients have a quick question we can reply straightaway and it works really well."

The Future

Moving forward, Melissa is looking at other ways of improving their helpdesk workflows. Now rolling out new features, she feels confident that the Deskpro support team will be on hand to assist if required as well.

"The support from Deskpro has been brilliant. We get responses really quickly and have managed to resolve all our issues."

For C>Ways, implementing Deskpro has been a great success from the get go. The move from a free helpdesk to a robust paid for option has been fully justified.

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