How BI WORLDWIDE has used Deskpro to fulfil the needs of their expanding global business.

BI WORLDWIDE specializes in Sales and Channel incentive solutions, Employee Engagement programmes and Event Management.
The Challenge

Before Deskpro, the team at BI WORLDWIDE EMEA based in the UK were relying on an expensive helpdesk software which failed to fulfil the needs of their growing business. The support team were left overwhelmed trying to manage the expansion, using a system that lacked new features or an engaging interface.

Ian Newman, a Development Manager at BI WORLDWIDE EMEA recognised that they needed to switch to a helpdesk that could accommodate their team of 260 and counting, whilst continuing to support their customers.

“Although we had been using the helpdesk for a long time, it wasn’t moving forward, and it just didn't deliver what we wanted as a company anymore.”

Founded in 1950 by Guy Schoenecker, BI WORLDWIDE has grown into a global agency, with 19 offices worldwide in Australia, Canada, China, India, LATAM, Singapore, UK and the US.
The Solution

When Ian and the team decided to move helpdesk software, there were a few key factors that they were looking for from their new solution. It very quickly became apparent that Deskpro offered both innovative features and the scalability.

The team at BI WORLDWIDE EMEA now use the Deskpro internal support features to handle internal IT and system support for Associates, which allows them to effectively manage their internal operations. They are also able to manage scalability by utilizing Deskpro’s features for international client bases, such as translations and agent time zones.

"The first thing that stood out about Deskpro was the interface, it is simple but you can do so much with it. "
Ian Newman
Ian Newman
Development Manager, BI WORLDWIDE
"Deskpro has had a massive impact on efficiencies and various other things. It has been a really positive change. "
Ian Newman, Development Manager, BI WORLDWIDE
The Benefits

The benefits of switching to Deskpro have also been apparent in the efficiency rates of BI WORLDWIDE’s support team. Tickets are now dealt with more productively, which allows team members more time to progress with other valuable tasks.

“It has been a fantastic improvement to everything that we've had in the past.”

Not only have the team at BI WORLDWIDE EMEA noticed the change, but Ian believes that the transition to Deskpro was smooth and communicative, with the help of our customer success team.

The Future

Currently, BI WORLDWIDE is focused on their primary mission of delivering amazing results to their clients all over the globe.

Moving forward, Deskpro has equipped the team at BI WORLDWIDE with a scalable platform and features to efficiently manage their international clients. They are also now able to take advantage of their improved internal team collaboration and IT management for all 19 of their offices.

"The support has been fantastic. It was one of the smoothest transitions I think I've experienced in my career of moving to a new internal system. "
Ian Newman
Ian Newman
Development Manager, BI WORLDWIDE

BI WORLDWIDE's favorite features of Deskpro

Internal Support

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Hassle-free ticket management

Tickets are automatically categorized by brand from the portal for simple management.


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