Do you need to get your agents up to speed with how to use DeskPRO quickly? Or do you want in-depth training on making the most of the power and flexibility of the platform?

We offer a range of training services, from intensive webinars to multi-day onsite training.

All the training we deliver is customized to meet your training objectives, so we'll only spend time on the features that matter to you. Our most popular services are:

1 hour product familiarisation webinar

designed to get agents ready to use DeskPRO productively

3 hour training webinar

detailed training on agent and admin interfaces, including Q&A time

On-site training

most popular for customers with large numbers of agents

Our trainers have extensive experience configuring and supporting DeskPRO. Please note that questions about API/apps development or advanced portal styling with CSS are outside the scope of training and should be submitted as consultancy requests.