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Introduction to Deskpro

The Help Center

by Hannah

Provide your users with a 24/7 self-service platform with Help Center.

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A quick introduction to our help desk software that delights customers across any channel with an unparalleled customer support help desk.

Take a tour of our help desk and get to grips with our software.

Get to grips with support software with our run-through of ticketing and how you can interact with customers through Deskpro.

Find out about some of the ways you can quickly action tickets and the useful tools at your disposal.

Get to know the different ways to find tickets in the interface and categorize your workflows.

Deskpro's powerful automations let you build actions that improve agent productivity and streamline key workflows.

Look through all the different elements of Deskpro's CRM, and easily manage all your users in our simple customer management tool.

The OPC is our new method for deploying and managing Deskpro On-Premise from an intuitive self-hosting platform.