SysAdmin Support Services

We want to ensure your experience and transition to Deskpro is the best it can be; our SysAdmin Support are there for you to make sure everything is taken care of.


Seamlessly transition your helpdesk onto Deskpro On-Premise or Cloud.


Intelligent integrations establish your helpdesk's functionality.


Managed security procedures keep your helpdesk operating at its best.


Our Tech Support team assist with expanding your servers if needed.

Incident Response

We can help you if things go wrong; by restoring your helpdesk backups.


Limitless customizations and integrations optimize your helpdesk.


Painlessly transition to a Deskpro helpdesk

Our SysAdmin Support Team offer professional guidance on technical and infrastructure configurations in line with your organization's needs. In addition to assisting with the initial data migration to ensure a seamless transition over to your new helpdesk.

Assisted Deployment

With our managed installation services, one of our experienced technicians can help you install Deskpro onto your chosen platform so you have a helpdesk that runs smoothly from day one.

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Data Migration

We make data migration simple, whatever your current customer support solution. Use one of our DIY options or let our SysAdmin Support Team take care of importing all your helpdesk data.

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Configure your account to run exactly as needed

Integrate your existing Active Directory or Azure environment to enable Single Sign On for your agents and customers.

Also send and receive emails from your specific enterprise main environments, Gmail, custom SMTP/IMAP or self-hosted Exchange service.


Your updates are taken care of

Our managed upgrades services let you sit back and relax whilst we take care of transitioning your helpdesk to any new versions; with new features, bug fixes and general updates.

So if you require technical support our Sysadmin Team will ensure your helpdesk is running the latest version of the software without you needing to lift a finger.


Tailored security procedures for your organization

We offer professional guidances on security procedures to ensure you are using the most up-to-date and secure software for your organization.

Access Control

Create customized login settings for your organization.

SSL Certificates

Authenticate your identity and encrypt your connection.


We can assist you to ensure your security measures meet the requirements of your organization's compliancies.


Host a flexible helpdesk that won't have you bending over backwards

With databases built on MySQL, you can be comforted knowing that Deskpro offers a reliable and scalable solution.

Our SysAdmin Support Team can provide tailored assistance with clustering, scaling and redundancy - be able to adapt your helpdesk to promote operational efficiency for yourself and your team.

We can also provide assistance for moving a self-hosted environment onto an enterprise cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure or GCP.

Incident Response

Effective crisis aversion and management

We can help you recover your helpdesk in the unlikely event of disaster.

Disaster Recovery

We provide consultancy in restoring an instance from backups in the event of hardware failure.

Root Cause Analysis

In line with ITIL best practices we analyse the cause of any interruptions and put systems in place to mitigate any further issues.

Customization and Integration

Customize your helpdesk to fit all your needs

We are able to advise on integrations with third party products, such as JIRA, Twilio, Salesforce and many others. As well as assistance with API Integrations, to better streamline Deskpro operations into existing products and services you may be using.

We can also help to create sandbox or testing environment so you can test new configurations and critical service changes in a consequence free environment.

And we can help you create a Help Center that aligns with your brand imagery and aesthetics with design and styling assistance.

Product Consultancy

Have a specific need for your helpdesk?

If there is any custom service you require which you feel has not been outlined above, get in touch with our commercial team, and we can build a custom consultancy package suitable for you!

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