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Brown University

“We use Deskpro because of the simple user interface, ease of programming, quick setup, flexibility and overall feel.”

Dominican University

“We improved ticket resolution time by a factor of 20 within three weeks of implementing Deskpro.”


"We had no way of tracking emails, no transparency, and little collaboration between departments. Things kept getting forgotten about. All that has changed thanks to Deskpro."

Helpdesk software that keeps education in mind

Today’s universities, schools and colleges are faced with a unique set of challenges. Ensuring departments remain efficient, effective, and within budget whilst handling a multitude of complex support issues is no easy task - until now.

Our helpdesk software for education brings together all your support requests into a single, intuitive interface - regardless of whether it’s over email, phone, or live chat. With Deskpro, you can effortlessly create the ultimate helpdesk for both staff and students.


Knowledge is power

Providing personalized support that’s efficient and scalable isn’t exactly easy. It means striking a balance between a great support experience for students, and meeting ambitious departmental targets.

Deskpro makes providing efficient support simple. Our customizable self-service user portal and knowledgebase means students get better service, and agents become more productive. Our software comes with sophisticated content authoring and publishing tools, so you can effortlessly create a self-service portal that lets your students help themselves.

Knowledgebase articles give students easy access to all our most useful content.

John Spadaro
Deputy CIO

Frequently answered questions

Students and staff can refer to the knowledgebase for answers to common problems, whenever.

Ticket deflection

Encourage self-service by automatically suggesting articles aligned to ticket issues.

Lightning-fast search

Users can find articles in the knowledgebase - quickly resolving their own queries.


Dozens of faculties, one simple helpdesk

Processing large amounts of diverse support issues across many different departments creates complex challenges. You need to manage the varying needs of students, staff, faculty members and alumni - all at once.

With Deskpro, providing outstanding support to the entire organization is child’s play. Our software makes it possible to create and customize multi-branded portals, allowing you to offer dynamic support to everyone in your organization - all from a single helpdesk solution.

Unique content

Create knowledgebase articles, news posts, downloadable resources, chat widgets, and contact forms.

Custom branding

Brand each portal with different logos, colors, fonts and layouts to reflect your organization or department.

Departmental support

Each department can have its own portal subdomain, meaning users find solutions to problems easily.

Hassle-free ticket management

Tickets are automatically categorized by department from the portal.

Expert agents

Assign agents to certain departments, guaranteeing users the best support from the best agents.

We don’t just use Deskpro for IT tickets. Our different departments are all managed using one help desk.

Alex Oquendo
Manager of IT Student Workforce

Live Chat

Respond and resolve in real-time

Catering to the specific needs of today’s students requires hard work. Digital natives expect their interactions with any organization to be quick, easy and to-the-point. Without a modern and efficient support service, potential and existing students can easily feel let down.

Deskpro allows you to be there for those who need your support. Our Live Chat feature gives you the ability to enter into engaging, real-time conversations with students - enabling you to resolve issues in both a friendly and timely fashion.

Nothing falls through the cracks. Live Chat has sped up response times and made our agents more accountable.

Stephanie Obodda
Assistant IT Director

Chat on any device

Allow your agents to have meaningful conversations with users on computer, smartphone or tablet.

Respond at warp speed

Agents can see chat replies as they’re typed, enabling them to preempt issues and respond swiftly.

A friendly face

Agents can easily send text snippets, attachments, URLs, and emojis as part of their responses.


Your helpdesk, your way

Sometimes you need full control over your helpdesk software. That’s why we leave the choice between an On-Premise or Cloud solution down to you. If you have specific needs over hardware, data and processes, Deskpro On-Premise gives you the freedom to set things up exactly how you like them.

Unlike other leading helpdesk solutions, Deskpro can be deployed on your own server infrastructure or as a fully-hosted Cloud service. We’re confident you know what’s best for your organization.

You’re in charge

Deskpro On-Premise means you’re in charge of your data backup policy - with complete control over access.

Host anywhere

Host your helpdesk on a particular domain or subdomain.

Flexible configuration

Deskpro On-Premise can be hosted on multiple servers for performance and availability.

Firewall friendly

Deskpro can work behind your firewall; allowing access to users who log in using your secure network.


Deskpro can be easily installed and maintained on any webserver combination that runs PHP.

A key requirement was an On-Premise helpdesk solution, as we experienced issues with the stability of other platforms.

Alex Oquendo
Manager of IT Student Workforce


Helpdesk security 101

Security is a top priority for almost any organization, but even more so when you’re responsible for handling mountains of sensitive student data. This means you need to invest in software that’s as secure as it is functional.

Deskpro scores nothing but straight A’s when it comes to security. We offer both On-Premise and Cloud helpdesk deployments. Our Cloud servers operate with bank-level security technology, and can be hosted in either the EU or US. If your requirements or preferences ever change, Deskpro allows you to easily switch between deployment options.

Deskpro Cloud has such good up-time. I don’t have to worry about server maintenance and software health.

Olly Barrett
Marketing Systems Co-ordinator

Guaranteed uptime

Because we take our security seriously, Deskpro can guarantee over 99.9% uptime.

All bases covered

Deployment and maintenance of our servers is automated. Leading third-party protection minimizes security risks.

Secure Cloud

Don’t have the resources to host your own server? Our Cloud service is secure and reliable.

Maximum control

Define password policies, or restrict logins from untrusted IP addresses.

Safe hands

Our data centers are regularly audited to meet the SSAE16 SOC 1 Type I standard for physical security.

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