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Customer experience is key. Commercial success for your organization is highly-dependent on how customers feel about the service you provide. Customers expect you to know them by preferred name, their preferences and everything they might want from you before they ask for it.

Deskpro is built with your customers in mind. Our software comes with dozens of customer-centric features and tools that allow you to provide the best experience possible, at every step of the customer journey.

Provide immediate answers with live chat

Establish meaningful relationships with those who need your support by answering their questions in real-time. live chat is a quick and easy way to provide almost instant support to your users.

Deskpro comes complete with a fully-integrated helpdesk chat solution that outperforms leading standalone alternatives.

Speedy resolution

Live chat allows you to resolve customer issues quickly; keeping your customers happy.

Reach out

Initiate chats with users on your site using our easy-to-install chat widget.

Proactive replies

Agents see what users are typing so are able to craft responses in no time at all.

Friendly chat

Send and receive files, use emojis, and take advantage of rich text formatting options to send personable, friendly messages.

Let users help themselves

Customers want the most relevant answers to their questions as quickly as possible, and what’s more convenient than a satisfyingly fast self-service experience?

Deskpro features a user portal that easily captures your support knowledge, and makes it readily available to your users.

Nurture meaningful customer relationships

If you have customers who are enthusiastic about your brand - don’t let their passion dwindle. Engaged customers often make effective evangelists for your business, so ensure they’re always the first to hear about important company news or updates.

Deskpro gives you a centralized news portal to post announcements and updates. Our content publishing tools make it easy to update right from the agent interface - no need for a complicated CMS.

Easy access

Deskpro makes all your news available from the user portal, so you don’t have to use separate blogging software.

Simply beautiful

Deskpro comes complete with sophisticated content authoring tools, allowing you to create beautiful posts.


Deskpro keeps the news and knowledgebase areas of the portal clearly separated, so users always know where to go for updates - or a helping hand.

Truly international support

Your business is international - make sure your support is, too. Make every single one of your customers around the globe feel invested in your brand by providing multi-lingual support.

Deskpro lets users browse your helpdesk and receive notification emails in their own language. We support over 25 languages, allowing you to provide multi-lingual support to your customers, wherever they are.

Make it easy for customers to interact with you

Really great helpdesk software should make life easier for everyone who uses it, including your customers. That’s why we built Deskpro.

Our software makes it easy for users to respond to ticket replies directly from their email accounts, or the user portal. Single sign-on (SSO) also means users don’t have to keep logging into their account - making support easy for everyone.

Trackable conversations

Every time a user or agent responds to a particular ticket, replies are all added to the same thread - making it super easy track message history.

Speedy resolution

Whether searching for customer info, ticket ID, ticket content or subject; agents can easily find issue-critical information in seconds.

Multi-channel interactions

Providing users with a multitude of contact channels means they can interact with you in the way that suits them best

Understand customer pain points

Your customers want their issues solved with the least back-and-forth. This means quickly and effectively identifying the nature of their support issue.

Deskpro allows you to set up customers dynamic contact forms, ensuring agents have all the necessary information in order to solve customer issues with ease.

Discover how customers feel about your organization

Your customers always have incredibly valuable insights into how you might be able to offer a better service, or improve a product. Make it easy for them to share those insights with you.

Deskpro allows users to submit public feedback on your user portal, and your customer community can upvote their favourite ideas. By empowering users to be honest, it helps build trust and provide you with useful knowledge about how you could do better.

Community engagement

Customers can easily provide feedback, see what others think, and interact with their suggestions - harbouring a sense of community.

Feature alerts

Customers who are enthusiastic about your brand can follow any thread, and receive alerts when it has been addressed.

Easy management

Within the helpdesk, you can check, track and respond to feedback which users have submitted via the portal.

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