Outbound Call Center Software

Outbound call center software in your helpdesk

What is outbound call center software and why should my organization use it?

Outbound call center software allows your organization to efficiently manage a high volume of calls to sales prospects, leads or current customers. Your agents can make calls directly from the helpdesk to sales leads and customers across the world, in just 2 clicks.

Unlike inbound call center software that you can use to manage calls to your organization.

Boost Conversions

Convert more outbound leads

Outbound call center software is included as part of the Deskpro helpdesk software. So your sales or customer success teams can contact leads across phone, email and live chat all from one place.

Help your teams reach their true potential by giving them outbound call center software they need to succeed.


Agents can click on any phone number within the helpdesk and begin calling in just 2 seconds.

CRM Integration

The fully integrated CRM allows you to build a meaningful and accurate picture of each customer.

Automated Follow Ups

Set rules to automate following up with leads, either by email or nudging sales reps to call.

International Numbers

International phone numbers can be purchased from within Deskpro so local numbers can be displayed.

Call Recording

Active calls can be recorded onto a ticket, giving reference and context to other agents.

In-depth Reporting

In-depth reporting analytics and insight for all inbound and outbound calls. See who your top performers are.

We started using voice calling about six months ago and we use that pretty heavily.
Brandon SkinnerHelpdesk Manager

Team Up

Integrate your sales and support teams on one platform

Teaming up on sales and customer support is easy with Deskpro. Integrated helpdesk call center software allows multiple sales reps to manage and convert leads on the same platform as support agents nurture customers.

Shared Inbox

Manage all customer interactions and tickets from a single, shared inbox.

Notes & @Mentions

Improve collaboration with team members on individual tickets and conversations.

Team Messaging

Allow agents to communicate and collaborate within the helpdesk instantly.

Smarter outbound call center software

The sales and lead generation landscape is always changing. Being able to nurture leads towards a sale and then providing them with great support requires some help. Having separate helpdesk and call center systems might work okay to start with, but is not a viable long-term solution. By combining them into one software platform, you can help both your sales and support teams to grow.

In Deskpro, once a sales rep has closed a sale, they can seamlessly pass them on to the support team, with no loss of data and no loss of context. Keeping your reps, your agents and your new customers happy.

Choice of deployment

Deskpro is one of the few integrated ticketing and call center software tools that you can choose to run in the Cloud (Hosted) or On-Premise (Self-Hosted). Same great product, just different deployment.


We run your helpdesk call center from secure data centers. All updates are automatic. Bandwidth costs covered.


You can deploy your outbound call center software from your server infrastructure. Full control of your data. Full source code.

Can't decide?

If you can't decide between Cloud or On-Premise ticketing software you can always switch later. Deskpro makes it easy for your team to migrate between the two.

Scale globally

Provide global phone support

Provide phone support for your customers in different time-zones and languages from one central helpdesk.


Provide support to different brands, products or services with unique help centers and numbers you can manage from one helpdesk.


Utilize international numbers and create call IVRs in multiple languages. Make your customers feel at home.

Department & Teams

Group agents together into multiple teams - within, or even across, different departments to tackle specific calls.

Deskpro is a very flexible and easy to use ticketing system environment. The integration with our Active Directory was a breeze and customer support was phenomenal. I’m very happy with the product and recommend it to every business.
Mohamed Jad AmraouiSystems Engineer
We have UK, EMEA and US routing and using triggers that allowed me to create custom filters for email addresses that distribute tickets across 4 support teams depending on the time of day, day of the week and type of enquiry.
Chris EvansVP of IT Operations
Deskpro by far excelled over the other helpdesks we looked at. I've reached out to the Deskpro support team a couple of times and they've been very responsive.
Anthony CarterHead of IT
We heavily vetted several applications and found Deskpro was the right choice to support our multi-branding needs. Customers contacting us via different brands automatically get connected to the most appropriate agents.
Matt GoldfarbExecutive Director of Support

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