Truly collaborative support

Resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently with a collaborative helpdesk

Why Deskpro?

Open Communication

Allow for open and effective communication across your teams

Increased Productivity

Give agents the tools they need to provide great customer support

Proven Scalability

Ensure your helpdesk is equipped to handle issues at scale

Clear Visibility

Keep everybody focused on what needs their attention

Team up on poor customer experiences

Your agents don’t work in isolation. They rely on information and expertise from colleagues to help them delight your customers.

With Deskpro, you don’t have to worry about communication breakdown. Advanced collaboration features connect your agents, so everyone’s empowered to deliver outstanding customer support.

Teamwide communication

Team chat

The easier it is for your teams to communicate, the better. Agents have access to internal messaging totally independent from the user chat system.

Take note

Collaboration within the ticket workflow itself means customers receive the best support. Add internal notes on tickets, and “@” mention colleagues to communicate effortlessly.

Keep an eye out

Want to keep track of a particular ticket? Follow any ticket and receive notifications via email or IM, keeping you updated wherever you are.

Get productive

Functional filters

See what’s what in just a few clicks. Segment different types of tickets using filters, enabling agents to organise and process the right tickets at the right time.

Urgent attention

Automatically rank the urgency and importance of tickets to help your agents prioritise the most pressing tasks.

Task tracking

Some tickets may require several different tasks to resolve. Create, assign and track tasks linked to tickets without leaving the helpdesk.

Avoid agent clash

Guarantee no confusion about who is replying to a ticket. See when an agent is writing a draft reply in real-time, or lock tickets to prevent editing.

Make support simple

Supercharged support

Automate the repetitive stuff. Save your agents countless hours by configuring triggers that run automatic actions in response to ticket events.

Exceed expectations

Guarantee customers issues are being resolved. Use escalations to trigger actions in response to ticket events, and ensure your SLA’s being met.

Timely escalations

Ensure customer queries are addressed swiftly. Setup time-based escalations for tickets that have spent too long in a certain state.

Keep it personal

Respond at scale

Mass actions help agents respond to up to 50 tickets with the same response; perfect for updating customers about an outage or delay.

Perfect responses

Common questions mean common answers. Insert pre-written responses to typical issues with a couple of clicks, and link triggers in tickets using macros.

Holding replies

Keep your agents focused on solving problems. Set-up automatic holding replies to let your customers know you are working on their issue.

Perfect visibility


Ensure your business doesn’t drop the ball. Every incoming email is turned into an actionable ticket conversation.

Shared email

Link up your team emails. Use departmental rules to automatically assign conversations to agents or departments.

Auto-assign tickets

Link email accounts to departments for segmentation. Make sure agents are not overloaded by spreading the workflow using 'Round Robin' distribution.