Provide personal support on a global scale

Multibrand, multichannel and multilingual support - all from a single, affordable helpdesk

Truly flexible customer support

Provide support across every service and product your organization provides with multiple portals

Expert agents

Auto-assign agents to certain brands, guaranteeing customers the best support.

Internal support

Provide IT or HR support to staff and internal members of your organization.

Unique content

Create knowledgebase articles, news posts, downloadable resources, chat widgets, and contact forms - completely unique to each brand.

Unique branding

Brand each portal with different logos, colors, fonts and layouts to reflect your specific brand, product or department.

Easy navigation

Each brand has its own portal subdomain, meaning customers find solutions to problems with ease.

Hassle-free ticket management

Tickets are automatically categorized by brand from the portal for simple management.

Hello, Bonjour, Nĭ Hăo!

Ensure support is efficient, effective and consistent - wherever your customers are

Localized support content

Apply dynamic content in over 25 languages across your portal - including knowledgebase articles, guides, news posts and more.

Evolving language packs

Creating portal and email content in different languages is simple with Deskpro language packs. Automatically install new language packs as they become available.

Flexible business hours

Provide consistent support across different regions and time zones by setting up automations to work alongside multiple business hours in your helpdesk.

Helpdesk software that keeps the world in mind

International agent interface

Equip international support teams with a helpdesk that they can understand. Many of our language packs also translate the agent interface.

Agent timezones

Collaborate on support across the globe with a helpdesk that allows agents to set their own timezone settings.

Tweak translations

Control text across portal and email content to the tiniest detail - just in case our translations aren't quite right for your particular dialect or region.

Get super-smart with international support

Use intelligent helpdesk features that allow you provide international support with ease.

Local phone numbers

Connect local numbers to your helpdesk. Ensure customers are routed to the right agents.

Tweet, chat, resolve

Resolve customer issues using the world's most popular social platforms - whether it's WeChat or Twitter.

IP address filtering

Automatically route customers to the user portal in their language with intelligent IP address filtering.

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