Help your customers help themselves

Make support easier for customers and agents with a 24/7 self-service portal

Why Deskpro?

Rich Knowledgebase

Allow users to answer their own queries using a library of resources

Custom Branding

Make your support portal as beautiful your website

Multichannel Portal

Let users contact you in the way that suits them best

Truly Integrated

Link your portal and helpdesk together for optimal support

Help that’s always at hand

Your agents own a wealth of knowledge regarding customer issues, and truly understand how they are most effectively resolved.

Deskpro features a user portal that captures your support team’s knowledge, and makes it readily available to your customers.

Showcase your know-how

Useful answers

Publish articles that address common customer problems and questions. Develop your knowledgebase over time to assist confused customers, and improve your SEO.

Ticket deflection

Not everyone is going to check the knowledgebase before contacting your helpdesk. Deskpro reduces pressure on agents by automatically suggesting relevant articles to customers before they submit a ticket.

Deep search

Provide users with quick answers no matter where the search term appears in your content. Deskpro’s powerful search function explores all articles in the knowledgebase for answers.

Your eyes only

Avoid overwhelming customers with irrelevant content. Usergroups allows you to limit certain categories of content in the portal to particular users.

Totally customizable

Flexible branding

Integrate your brand and website design with your support portal. Set your own colour scheme, logo and header image to reflect your brand, with the template system and CSS.

Never lost in translation

The best answers are those available in every language. Deskpro’s portal interface supports over 25 languages, so it's easy to add translations of your content.

Craft your content

Give your customers content that’s as beautiful as it is helpful. Use a full-featured text editor to craft the perfect guides and articles.

Easy for everyone

Capture what’s relevant

Never send your customers on a wild goose chase to the wrong department. Create custom, dynamic forms that elicit the information you need to help customers.

Chat instead

Sometimes all customers need is a quick chat. Offer instant support from your portal, or any page on your website with Deskpro’s easy-to-install live chat widget.


Allow customers to view and interact with their own tickets after logging into the user portal. Use a variety of authentication processes so you know users can log in securely.

Keep customers informed

Answers can change. Allow your customers to sign up for email notifications if changes to any article, category or feed in your knowledgebase are made.

Helpdesk integration


Turn your customer queries into handy know-how for everyone to see. Link or turn tickets into pending articles, instantly populating the article with the content from that ticket.

Not just for customers

Arm agents with powerful information. Agents can access knowledgebase articles when replying to tickets, so they can help customers by linking them to relevant articles.

Improve your support

Feedback loop

Find out what is and isn’t working for your customers. Measure and improve your support by allowing your customers to provide you with feedback on your help desk portal.

Constructive criticism

Have something you want your customer's thoughts on? Invite them to share specific kinds of feedback with you by limiting the types of suggestions available. Keep it as general or particular as you like.

Respond to customers

Don’t just leave your customers in the dark. Use custom feedback statuses so users can see when you're planning on implementing a suggestion or not.

Democratise improvement

It’s not always self-evident which issues are most pressing for your customers. Not any more. With Deskpro, users and agents can vote on the feedback they think is most useful, allowing you to prioritise improvements.