Beyond the helpdesk

Explore deep helpdesk integrations for almost limitless functionality

Why Deskpro?

Built-in Apps

Benefit from a library of bespoke apps and integrations

Deskpro Apps

Easy App Framework

Extend the helpdesk with simple widgets or write custom apps

Deskpro API

Unified Login

Spend less time on account administration with Single Sign On

Deskpro Apps


Easily retrieve, create and update helpdesk data

Deskpro API

Not just a pretty interface

The capabilities of your helpdesk should extend beyond it’s core functionality. Deskpro is is built with integration in mind, allowing you to benefit from our easy-to-use app and widget framework, and a full-featured API.

Infinite possibilities

Apps by the dozen

It should be easy to integrate your helpdesk with the services and software you already use. Our library of bespoke helpdesk apps and integrations means you can pull information from other apps.

Bring your own apps

Easily code your own widgets and apps using simple Javascript and HTML. If you need make a bigger change to the agent interface, use our PHP framework to develop full apps, just like the ones in our library.

Far-reaching triggers

Create automatic triggers which respond to events within your helpdesk with webhook actions. By sending HTTP requests, your helpdesk can call any web API.


It’s easy to write code that works with Deskpro. Developers can retrieve, create and update helpdesk data, whether it's automating a one-time task or integrating the helpdesk with your existing systems.

Zapier integration

Over 750 more integrations

Need to extend your helpdesk even more? Use the Zapier automation tool to connect all of your various apps together.

Zapier integrations

Heavy lifting

Let Zapier do the hard work for you. Set up automations for events like new tickets, ticket updates, new people, and new organizations.

Zapier integrations

Automate workflows

Configure Zapier to perform Deskpro actions in response to other apps. For example, when a Wufoo form is submitted, create a ticket in Deskpro.

Zapier integrations

Sleek and secure authentication

You call the shots

Offer agents and users different ways to identify themselves, or define a single standard. Accept multiple authentication sources, and set different login methods.

Whatever works for you

Deskpro supports login through industry standards like Active Directory, LDAP and SAML, as well as specialist identity service providers like OneLogin, Okta and Bitium, social media accounts, and many more.

True Single Sign-On

Make it easy for users and agents to Choose to enable true Single Sign-On. Users or agents who are already logged in to the external account will be signed in to the helpdesk automatically and transparently.