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Great support is a team effort

Don't let your customer experience suffer due to poor communication between your agents. DeskPRO has many advanced collaboration features to solve common problems like agents both answering the same ticket.

Agent IM

Separate from the user chat system, your agents have access to an internal messaging system. No need to maintain a third-party IM system.

Agent notes

Add internal notes on tickets that are visible to agents only. See them in between other ticket messages, so the context is always clear.

No confusion about who's replying

See when another agent is writing a draft reply - in real time. Even if the ticket isn't assigned, there's no risk of double replies.

Integrated task tracking

Agents often have 'to-do' items that aren't tickets. Some tickets may require several different tasks to resolve.

With the DeskPRO Tasks app, you can create and assign tasks linked to tickets. You can track tasks and deadlines without leaving the helpdesk, and even create tasks automatically with triggers.

Lock tickets to end agent clash

Working on a ticket but not ready to reply, and want to make sure other agents don't change it? You can lock the ticket so no other agents can edit it.

If agent clash becomes a problem, you can set tickets to lock as soon as they're viewed.

Get input instantly

Just type @ in front of another agent's name in a note to alert them that you need their input. If they're logged in, they'll be instantly notified over IM.

Assign tickets to teams

Group your agents into teams, and assign tickets to a team instead of (or as well as) an individual agent. Assigning to a team means agents can share responsibility, so tickets don't get missed because one agent is away or busy.

Divide up the helpdesk to reflect your organization

Don't let agents get overwhelmed. Divide up work using departments to separate different types of ticket. Agents only see tickets for their departments.

Round robins: hand out tickets evenly

Make sure each agent gets a fair share of the workload; automatic round robin distribution gives everyone the same number of tickets.

Follow tickets

Need to keep an eye on a ticket when you're not the assigned agent? Follow it to get notified when it changes.

If you need to keep another agent in the loop on a ticket you're handling, you can add them as a follower.

Chat is a group effort

If a user stumps you in chat, it's easy to invite other agents to join the session, or assign the chat to another agent.

Agents only see what they need to see

You can limit what tickets agents can see, so they can focus on their part of the workload: limit them to tickets in one department, or even to tickets assigned to them directly.

Hand off tickets to different departments

Agents can still be allowed to assign tickets to a department, even if they can't see it. So your support staff can hand off a ticket to sales and move on.

Work together to increase efficiency

Agents can share their time-saving macros and snippets, so every agent can benefit.

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