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Self-Service Internal Knowledge Base for Employees

Build a world-class internal knowledge base and provide your internal staff with the information they need and a single source of truth.

Empower your employees to self-serve answers and create a valuable internal tool.

What is an Internal Knowledge Base?

An internal knowledge base software (or internal knowledge management system) is a platform created by an organization solely for its staff, employees, or internal team members to access private knowledge.

The purpose when you create an internal knowledge base tool is to provide all the information that is necessary for staff members to do their jobs with as little interruption as possible and to reduce the strain placed on your internal support, customer support, or HR teams.

Why do you need an Internal Knowledge Base?

An internal knowledge base system operates as an internal Help Center. A place for your employees to go to for answers as needed. By creating a platform that provides your staff with 24/7 access to essential knowledge, you can streamline workflows and how information, updates, and other general knowledge gets shared within your organization. Your collaborative digital workspace or information hub is key to creating a comprehensive and effective knowledge management system.

Benefits of an Internal Knowledge Base for Knowledge Management?

Boost efficiency

With a well-structured and rich centralized information hub for your staff, you can save your employees' time and energy using best practice. By centralizing the information that is key to your organization your employees will know exactly where to find an answer. Your internal Help Center will rebuff any questions that typically get assigned to your support staff or HR department during onboarding, saving them time and freeing them up to handle the issues that require human intervention.

Increase Visibility

Create a culture of active knowledge sharing by producing a platform full of information you can make all your internal staff aware of all necessary documentation. You can also add barriers to this knowledge by creating permissions to grant access to specific groups of staff, this can be useful for cases where you want to structure your internal knowledge base per department, or team, e.g., you can create a separate Help Center or set of documentation specifically relating to your Sales Team. Ensure that your teams aren't bogged down by unnecessary information and can easily locate exactly what they need.

Create Structure

Organize all of your company's information into a clear and defined structure. Hosting your company's information in an internal, fully indexed, searchable, and linked hub of knowledge makes it easy for your employees to find and share information at the drop of a hat. You can create a repository or internal wiki of company information and use templates to improve organizational productivity.

Key Features of Deskpro's Internal Knowledge Base Software

Deskpro's Help Center and Knowledge Base provide an exceptional guideline for creating your organization's ideal and best Internal Knowledge Base, and we don't gate features of our Help Center Platform behind expensive pricing plans. Set up an internal knowledge base to help your employees find the information they need.

Collaborative Creation
Your agents can collaborate in real-time to create documentation in your knowledge base.
Customizable Permissions
Specify permissions that dictate which of your staff can view what.
Available 24/7
Provide 24/7 access to FAQs and articles to your internal staff so they can help themselves.
Different Content
Create different types of company knowledge content for different purposes.
You can translate your knowledge base articles for global organizations.
Create different user-facing platforms for different brands, departments, or teams.
Integrated Help Desk Software
Deskpro is more than just a knowledge base platform, it boasts all-in-one help desk software.
Searchable Information
Powerful search lets your staff locate answers instantly with intelligent suggestions.

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