Authentication & Single Sign-On

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Simplify account management

Save time managing helpdesk accounts by accepting credentials from external services.

Use the accounts you already have

You can enable users or agents to sign in with their existing accounts from 20+ supported authentication sources. It's easy to add the sources you want by installing them in DeskPRO's apps framework.

Authentication apps are available for:
Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, OneLogin, Okta, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Magento, eZ Publish, phpBB, Joomla, vBulletin, Xenforo, JSON Web Token and major databases.

You can use external authentication sources with both DeskPRO Cloud and DeskPRO On-Premise.

Easy, flexible authentication

You can configure your DeskPRO helpdesk to handle any authentication scenario.

Combine multiple account sources

Take user and agent credentials from Active Directory, LDAP, OneLogin, OKTA or over a dozen more sources. Let your customers sign in conveniently with their preferred social media account, or their login details from your e-commerce platform or forums.

Automatically set permissions

You can define a default permission level for agents and users, based on how they authenticate.

Filter accounts

Got a directory for the whole company, but only want to authenticate users from one department? Not a problem with DeskPRO's usersource filtering system.

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Manual Authentication and SSO

True Single Sign-On

Many authentication sources offer SSO support, so users who are already logged in are seamlessly verified on your helpdesk without seeing a login screen at all.

Integrate with your own custom systems

It's easy for developers to integrate DeskPRO with the account system you have created for your website, app or intranet.

Your helpdesk can take account credentials from an external database, or from any web service using the easy-to-implement JSON Web Token standard.

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