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The connected helpdesk platform

Your helpdesk shouldn't be a silo, locked away from the rest of your IT infrastructure. DeskPRO is built with integration in mind, with an apps system and a full-featured API.

Built-in apps

A wide range of ready-made apps make it easy to integrate your helpdesk with the services you already use. Pull in information from popular apps like Highrise and Salesforce, or let agents and users log in with existing accounts from other systems.

App and widget framework

If the existing apps don't do what you need, you can extend the agent interface with simple widgets or even write your own full apps.

Full-featured API

DeskPRO's easy-to-use REST API enables developers to retrieve and change helpdesk data using the programming languages they already know.

Integration apps for your favourite services

Need to get notified about important tickets in HipChat? Want to see client information from Salesforce or Highrise within the agent interface? You can set these integrations up in minutes with our ready-made apps. No coding required!

Integration apps are available for Highrise, Salesforce, HipChat, JIRA, Magento, Microsoft Translator, Gravatar and Twilio/Clickatell for SMS alerts.

Code your own widgets and apps

If we don't have the integration you need, you can easily create your own widgets to display information within the agent interface using simple Javascript and HTML.

If you need make a bigger change to the agent interface, you can use our PHP framework to develop full apps just like the built-in ones.

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Unified login: spend less time doing accounts

With DeskPRO's authentication apps, you can enable users and agents to log in with their accounts from other services, cutting your account management overhead.

Flexible configuration

You can accept multiple authentication sources, and set different login methods for agents and users.

Give a choice of ways to sign in, or enforce a single standard. (You can disable DeskPRO's built-in accounts system if required).

Wide compatibility

We support login through industry standards like Active Directory, LDAP and SAML, specialist identity service providers like OneLogin, Okta and Bitium, social media accounts, and many more.

True SSO

With many sources you can choose to enable true Single Sign-On: users or agents who are already logged in to the external account will be signed in to the helpdesk automatically and transparently.

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DeskPRO's advanced JIRA integration lets you link JIRA issues to DeskPRO tickets, and see the links from either side. Send comments to JIRA from within the agent interface. Even use DeskPRO's automation system to interact with JIRA.


Get quick access to contact information in Salesforce from DeskPRO tickets and user profiles.


View Highrise CRM information from DeskPRO tickets and user profiles.

Microsoft Translator

Help agents understand and send messages in unfamiliar languages, using our Microsoft Translator app.

Google Analytics

Install this app to analyse traffic on your helpdesk portal, just like you do on your website.

SMS integration

Send SMS messages using a Twilio or Clickatell account. Automatically text-message agents to alert them of high priority tickets.


See your customer's support requests from within the Magento admin panel. Integrate Magento data into the agent interface, and use Magento account details for user Single Sign-On.


Send messages to Hipchat using DeskPRO's automation system. Get instant alerts for tickets based on


Put faces to names. DeskPRO automatically imports user pictures from the popular Gravatar service.

Share widget

Add share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to your Knowledgebase articles, news posts and feedback.

Call web services from triggers

Using "web hook" actions, you can make automatic triggers which respond to events within your helpdesk by sending HTTP requests, so your helpdesk can call any web API.

Program your helpdesk with the DeskPRO API

DeskPRO comes with a full-featured REST API. (For non-coders, that makes it easy to write code that works with DeskPRO).

Your developers can retrieve, create and update helpdesk data, whether it's automating a one-time task or integrating the helpdesk with your existing systems.

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