DeskPRO for Developers


Need to write code that interacts with your helpdesk, from a script to automate a one-off task, to a full integration with your own systems? DeskPRO offers a full API.

  • REST-based API works with any language
  • Comprehensive: does almost anything an agent can
  • Interactive API browser and code examples
Interactive API browser


The PHP SDK provides a simple class to access the DeskPRO API, making it even easier to use for PHP coders.

  • Wraps the API REST requests in simple PHP calls
  • Example code for each function, plus two example projects
  • Easy to install using composer
PHP SDK Interactive API browser

Widget development

The DeskPRO widget framework is a simple way to customize the agent interface by displaying extra content.

  • Easy development with simple HTML/JavaScript
  • Insert content in the agent interface: even add new tabs
  • Modify UI for tickets, user profiles, and organization records
Widgets Documentation

Create and distribute apps

The app framework enables you to develop full customization and integration apps, just like the built-in apps we provide.

  • Write apps in PHP
  • Full app framework enables extensive changes to interface
  • Package your app for distribution to other DeskPRO helpdesks
Apps Documentation Example apps with full code

JSON Web Token

If you have created your own web-based service, DeskPRO supports the lightweight JSON Web Token (JWT) standard for shared authentication with your own web-based services.

  • Simple, easy-to-implement standard
  • JWT has libraries for every major language
  • Enables a seamless user experience
JWT Documentation Working example code

Full source and full control

With DeskPRO On-Premise, you can download the full unencrypted PHP source code and run it on your own servers, giving you total control of your data and who can access it.

  • Examine our code before you trust it in production
  • Tweak and patch your helpdesk
  • Use multiple servers for high availability
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