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Explore the features of our two deployment options and which one fits you and your organization the best.

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  • Deskpro Cloud is our hosted service. We run your helpdesk from secure data centers and take care of all the backups, updates, security patches and bandwidth costs.

  • We'll update your Cloud helpdesk regularly with performance improvements, fixes and new features.

  • Deskpro On-Premise enables you to run your own PHP-powered helpdesk on your choice of server infrastructure: your own servers, virtual hosting, EC2 or Azure, Windows or Linux. You'll need staff with server administration skills.

  • You can choose when to update your helpdesk. For most installations, updating is a one-click process.

  • With Cloud, creating your helpdesk takes seconds, and you can have your helpdesk fully configured for production use in under an hour.

  • When you sign up, we'll send you a 7-step launch guide which walks you through the process of configuring your helpdesk so it's ideal for your organization.

  • Deskpro Cloud is popular with organizations of all sizes. Our managed service reduces the overhead of running a helpdesk, whether you're a small company with no dedicated IT staff, or a larger company that doesn't want yet another server to manage.

  • Larger organizations with more IT resources often adopt Deskpro On-Premise. You can host on a multiple-server configuration for maximum availability and performance. Deskpro is proven to scale to meet the needs of the busiest helpdesks.

  • If you have additional privacy and security requirements that make a Cloud solution unsuitable (for example, your tickets include sensitive financial or medical data), On-Premise gives you complete control over access and backups.

  • With Cloud, you don't have to worry about technical details like applying security patches or dealing with a web hosting company.

  • We'll automatically update your helpdesk to add new features and improvements as we make them.

  • We've designed Deskpro On-Premise to be easy to administer. The web-based interface will alert you to errors and problems which need your attention, as well as offering a unified view of all relevant logs. You can update to the latest version of Deskpro in one click.

  • We have an extensive sysadmin manual and Knowledgebase, which we're constantly updating with solutions and advice.

  • We follow security best practices to ensure the confidentiality of your helpdesk data.

  • You have full control of your helpdesk's security settings: you can set password policies for users and agents, see full audit logs of agent and admin actions, and enable IP whitelisting so agents can only log in from trusted IP addresses.

  • Deskpro automatically limits the rate of login attempts to defend against password guessing attacks.

  • With an On-Premise helpdesk you'll be able to use all the security features above. Self-hosting also enables you to keep access to the agent interface or user portal limited to your intranet or VPN, reducing the potential attack surface.

  • With Deskpro Cloud, all your data is immediately written to disk and backed up in multiple locations.

  • Our core MySQL datastores are replicated to data centers run by different providers in both the US and the EU and we retain daily backups of all databases. Attachments are stored in Amazon S3, providing additional high-availability backup. You can also export your helpdesk data to make your own backup using the Deskpro API.

  • With Deskpro On-Premise, you are in charge of your data backup policy, giving you full control over data access.

  • Backing up Deskpro simply involves using standard tools to copy the MySQL database plus the helpdesk's data folder. You can take a backup while the helpdesk stays live.

  • With Cloud, you can buy a license for a single agent if that's all you need. It's easy to add and remove agents as your needs change.

  • Unlike most hosted helpdesk services, Deskpro offers a simple flat per-agent price of $30/month, rather than limiting important features to expensive 'premium' or 'enterprise' plans.

  • If annual billing is more convenient for your organization, that's now an option for Cloud.

  • We've chosen to charge for Deskpro On-Premise with an affordable annual fee rather than a higher one-off cost. This model enables us to offer regular feature updates and fast, high-quality support at no extra charge. It also gives you peace of mind knowing we have to win your business every year.

  • On-Premise pricing starts at 5 agents for just $1740/year (minimum 10 agents). Additional agents are licensed in blocks of 5.

  • You can increase the number of agents at any time, and simply pay the difference in a time-adjusted fee.

  • The US-based hosting we use for Cloud is fully Safe Harbor compliant.

  • We can arrange to host your data within the EU if required.

  • Cloud solutions are often not suitable if you need to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, ITAR, Sarbanes-Oxley, BDSG or your tickets contain sensitive financial, medical or legal information.

  • An On-Premise installation gives you total control over who can access your data.

  • By default, your Cloud helpdesk is hosted at an address like You can move it to a custom subdomain of your site, like, or even a dedicated domain of its own.

  • A free SSL certificate is provided for both Deskpro and custom domains.

  • With Deskpro On-Premise, you have complete freedom to put your helpdesk on any domain or subdomain you like.

  • You can set up SSL for your custom domain at the webserver level.

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