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Deskpro tripled our customer support capabilities overnight; it drastically enhanced what we can do.

John Issa
Director of Operations

Helpdesk software for today’s support leaders

If you manage a support team, you know providing great customer support with organizational efficiency is a real challenge.

Deskpro is built with helpdesk management in mind. Our software enables support agents to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets with ease and efficiency. In order to provide incredible customer support, you need a incredible helpdesk software.

Reveal actionable insights

Quantify, analyze and improve agent performance. Understand customer behaviour and reveal how you can empower and encourage agents to provide even better customer experiences.

Whether you want to monitor satisfaction ratings from customers, or discover exactly how long agents take to answer tickets, Deskpro helps you create an outstanding support operation.

Built-in reports

150+ customizable built-in reports reports display data in thousands of combinations.

Agent performance

Agent productivity features like macros, snippets and mass actions streamline your helpdesk and improve agent performance.

Custom reports

Use the simple DPQL query language to create reports that reveal genuine insights in graph, table or chart format.

Billing tracking

Track chargeable agent time automatically for accurate reports, or track flat-rate user charges.

Customer behaviour

Track the metrics most relevant to you. Identify where you can improve customer support processes and workflows.

Keep your team on top

Sometimes even the best support professionals drop the ball. That’s why Deskpro is designed to give your agents every chance of success, and ensure nothing critical ever falls through the cracks.

Deskpro comes with powerful automation features like SLAs, escalations and alerts that prompt both agents and managers into action. If your agents forget to respond to customers, our software alerts them before it’s too late, and the SLA is failed.

Helpful nudges

Escalations and SLAs mean agents can see exactly which tickets are close to failing.

Traffic lights

Tickets turn from green, to orange, and red as the ticket SLA lifecycle changes, prompting the agents to act accordingly.

Top priority

Ensure agents deal with the most urgent issues or highest priority customers. SLAs allow agents to prioritise tickets appropriately.

All our agents prefer Deskpro because of the user-friendliness, clear interface, and flexibility.

Nam Nguyen
Customer Success Manager

Make performance visible

Being able to see how your agents are performing gives you peace of mind, and helps you identify areas of excellence or opportunities for improvement.

High visibility of support tickets and open team communication is what makes Deskpro perfect for the effective management of any support team.

Know your customers

Great support starts with truly knowing your customers. Deskpro comes with extensive CRM features that help you build meaningful customer relationships.

Deskpro enables you to select which customers are organization managers, enabling them to view and receive notifications regarding all tickets from their organization via your support portal.

Instant history

Gain access to ticket history and previous customer interactions.

Custom fields

Add custom fields to forms that capture CRM data, so you can ensure all customer information is relevant.

Control registration

Access to your support portal can be restricted as you like. Use authentication apps such as Active Directory, LDAP, SAML and others.

Database integration

Import or integrate with a host of other CRMs to keep your team armed with key customer information.

On-the-go CRM

Even when you are not in front of a computer, you can still access your helpdesk and full CRM, using Deskpro’s iOS and Android apps.

The ability to easily migrate data to Deskpro meant we were able to get our customer support set up swiftly.

Eric Van Tol
Director of Engineering and Support

Realize your team’s true potential

Agent time is precious. Finding the balance between providing personalized experiences and departmental efficiency is one tough cookie. With Deskpro, you can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing your agents to focus on providing great customer support.

Our software has powerful, easy-to-use automation features that handle routine tasks and enforce business rules. This means your agents have more time to provide support with a human touch.

Intelligent workflows

Deskpro can fit your current organizational workflows, or you can create new and improved workflows using powerful automation tools.

Task tracking

With Deskpro, you can create and assign tasks linked to tickets.

Proactive triggers

Run dozens of automatic actions in response to events in the ticket life cycle.

Round robins

Automatic round robin distribution assigns tickets to agents evenly.

Keep your team in sync with instant collaboration

Communication and collaboration are key to any successful customer support operation. Agents need the tools to work as a team, otherwise efforts can be duplicated and grave errors are made.

Deskpro’s extensive collaboration features empower your agents to help each other, and allow you to provide support to agents who need it.

Supercharge your support

Ensure agents have the perfect response every time, automate tedious processes, and provide personal support at scale with even more Deskpro productivity features.

Snippets allow agents to insert common answers in just two clicks. Macros save time by streamlining processes into one action. Mass actions give you the ability to apply the same action on up to 50 tickets at a time.

Our agents would constantly re-write the same answers to different customers, multiple times a day. With Deskpro, agents just select the correct canned response, personalise it, and send it straight across.

Roshan Vinayan
Project Manager

Multi-language support

Create snippets in different languages so that you can provide international support.

Reduce mistakes

Help your agents reduce spelling or grammar mistakes by using snippets. Craft perfect responses in just two clicks.

Speedy personalization

Agents can edit snippet text before it’s sent, enabling them to tailor responses for that personal touch.

Avoidable actions

Utilizing macros saves your agents time by streamlining processes into one action, creating huge productivity gains for your helpdesk.


Agents can cruise through workflows by highly automating the process. Using macros makes even the most complex of tasks simple.

Keep your customers happy

Your customers want truly multichannel support. However, you need a helpdesk that makes managing a multitude of issues across several channels as easy as possible.

With Deskpro, customers can contact you in the way that suits them best, and you can manage all support interactions in one simple interface.

Discover how customers feel about your business

Customers interact with your business all the time. As a result, they have the ability to reveal deep insights about the way you handles support - but you need to ask them in the first place.

With Deskpro, you can elicit valuable feedback from customers, all from your user portal. By empowering customers to share their honest thoughts and feelings, you can nurture a two-way relationship and discover the things about your support that could be improved.

Community engagement

Suggestions can be made public, and customers upvote the submissions they like - allowing you to qualify the most important feedback.

Keep customers in-the-know

Customers can follow feedback threads and receive alerts when issues have been addressed by your team.

Easy to manage

Within the helpdesk, you can check, track and respond to feedback - which users have submitted via the portal.

Simplify your account management

No support team should have to endure the tedium inefficient account management. Benefit from the simplicity of single sign-on, and remove the hassle of resetting lost agent passwords.

With Deskpro, you can allow agents to sign in to the helpdesk using existing accounts with single-sign-on from 20+ supported authentication sources. Never deal with another lost password email again.

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