Knowledge base software for self-service support

What is knowledge base software and why does my organization need it?

Knowledge base software allows you to create, publish and manage self-service content to provide answers to FAQ's.

By providing your customers with 24/7 access to answers in an online knowledge base, you can reduce customer support tickets. Create an article once, that solves an issue for hundreds of customers in the future. Some customers prefer self-service support and others want to speak to a human, with Deskpro you can provide both from one helpdesk.

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Improve your support capacity by reducing the number of tickets you receive.

Instant search

Get instant answers with powerful search across the whole knowledge base. Intelligent search that suggests articles as the user is typing.

Ticket deflection

Knowledge base software can help to reduce your tickets by up to 30%. Contact forms also suggest matching articles as a user is submitting a ticket.

Content access levels

Avoid overwhelming customers with irrelevant content. Set up permissions to limit certain categories of content to particular users.

Intelligent metrics

Understand what answers your users are looking for. So that you can measure and improve your knowledge base content.

Built for SEO

Articles are optimized for searech engines and related content can be linked. Ensure that when customers are googling questions, they will discover your answers.

Organize your Articles

Categorize and group your articles across the knowledge base with nesting, categories and topics. Helps your customers and agents find it with easy navigation.

Collaborate for easy editing and knowledge management

Creating new knowledge base articles and keeping old ones up-to-date is easy with the fully featured publishing interface.

Text Editor

Author content using rich and easy-to-use publishing tools with html and markdown.

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Categories & Tags

Organize articles across the knowledge base using categories and tags.

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Collaborative Editing

Multiple agents can work on articles at the same time with instant editing upates.

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Great for an internal and external knowledge base

You can create multiple knowledge base's and manage them from one place. Specify permissions to allow different customers to view (or not view) certain articles, categories and portals.

You can also use a knowledge base for internal knowledge management, such as training agent, answering HR questions or storing important documents.

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Scale your customer support with self-service knowledge base software

Expectations of customer support have changed. Customers expect to get instant answers 24/7. Knowledge base software enables you to grow and scale your support. Self-service support provides your customers with helpful answers whenever they need them. Reducing the number of tickets that your agents receive and making your customers happy.

Choice of Deployment

Deskpro is one of the few knowledge base systems that you can choose to run in the Cloud (Hosted) or On-Premise (Self-Hosted). Same great product, just different deployment.


We run your knowledge base software from secure data centers. All updates are automatic. Bandwidth costs covered.


You can deploy your knowledge base software system from your server infrastructure. Full control of your data. Full source code.

Can't decide?

If you can't decide between Cloud or On-Premise knowledge base software you can always switch later. Deskpro makes it easy for your team to migrate between the two.

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International self-service support

Provide customer support in different time-zones and languages from one central helpdesk.


Provide support to different brands, products or services with unique portals you can manage from one software.


Over 25 languages for agent and portal, plus provide multi-language knowledge base content.

Department & Teams

Group articles into different categories and set-up permission groups to gate access to certain content.

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