Have more human conversations

Engage with your customers in real-time using live chat

Deskpro features a fully-integrated live chat system with considerably more functionality than leading standalone chat solutions.

Live chat is a quick and easy way to assist your customers in-the-moment; making life easier for everyone involved.

Establish meaningful relationships

Using live chat enables you to create instant connections with your customers by helping to solve their issues infront of their eyes.

Better support

Get to the bottom of simple queries in no time. Live chat increases the productivity and engagement of your teams.

Reach out actively

Initiate chats with current and potential customers using our easy-to-install chat widget on your website.


See which web page your customer is browsing during chat, and preview the messages they're typing in real-time.

Agent View - Swift responses for faster conversions

Exceed customer expectations with swift responses and effective resolutions

  • Respond faster Share knowledgebase articles in chat, or insert common responses that are easily personalized.
  • Keep chat covered Always see how many agents are available to chat, and how many customers are submitting chat requests.
  • Multi-agent chat Two heads are better than one. Invite other agents into active chats, and solve customer issues on the double.
  • Right chat, right agent Understand the nature of customer requests with custom fields - and automatically assign chats to the right agents.
  • Chat-to-ticket Some issues can't be resolved during a quick chat session. Create new tickets complete with a full chat transcript in a single click.

User View - Full support in one simple chat widget

Deskpro Messenger lets you provide great support is anywhere. Users can access essential helpdesk features from a single, intuitive interface that you can embed wherever they need it the most.

  • Home Your most important support features are at the user`s fingertips at all times.
  • Tickets Let your user's view, respond to and close their tickets effortlessly from within the messenger.
  • Conversation Provide your user's with live real-time support, giving them instant answers to questions when they need it the most.
  • Quick search Messenger allows your user's to search through the portal offering a quick self-serve option that's quick and easy to use.
  • Contact us Ticket creation from right within the messenger tool lets your user's quickly reach out to you with their support requests and questions.

Knowing your customers

Arm agents with powerful automation tools to increase the efficiency, quality and consistency of your support

Invaluable context

See which web page your customer is browsing, and preview the messages they're typing in real-time. View user history and previous tickets.

User blocking

Don't put up with individuals who abuse the chat. Block users and ban IP addresses from accessing live chat on your site.

Segment customers

Segment customers and determine who can access live chat.

Readily accessible

Users can access essential helpdesk features from a single, intuitive interface that you can embed wherever they need it the most.


Understand team performance, customer behaviour, and reveal key insights using the report function.

Don’t even ask

Automatically elicit critical information from users to save time.

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