DeskPRO Pricing

Number of agent seats

Prices in US$. Need more than 300 agents? Email us
  • 10Agents
  • 20Agents
  • 30Agents
  • 40Agents
  • 50Agents
  • 60Agents
  • 70Agents
  • 80Agents
  • 90Agents
  • 100Agents
  • 125Agents
  • 150Agents
  • 175Agents
  • 200Agents
  • 300Agents
  • 400Agents
  • 500Agents
  • 1000Agents
Buy your DeskPRO License now 10 Agents / $1,200 per year

Why DeskPRO On-Premise

Run your helpdesk on your own server infrastructure for complete control

  • Hosted on servers you control
  • Easy installation process
  • Proven scalability & reliability
  • Supports POP/IMAP/Google Apps/Office365/MS Exchange
  • Can be accessible only from your intranet/VPN
  • Control your backups and updates
  • One low annual per-agent price for access to all features
  • Full control of your data
  • Comply with Data Protection Act, BDSG, HIPAA, ITAR, Sarbanes–Oxley etc.
  • Host sensitive medical, legal or financial data
  • Runs on any server that runs PHP
  • Low hardware requirements; runs on virtual hosting
  • Runs on the same proven codebase as Cloud
  • Comprehensive web-based logging & diagnostics

No need to pick a plan

We don't lock our best features behind an expensive 'enterprise' price plan. With DeskPRO, whatever size of license you buy, you get access to all features, now and in the future.

  • One price includes all features
  • Add or remove agents at any time
  • Fast, friendly support included
  • Equivalent to $100+ per month plans from competitors
  • Simple per-agent pricing
  • No limits on numbers of tickets or users


What is an agent?

An agent is a person in your organization who receives and handles support requests or administers the helpdesk itself. Pricing is per agent with no other limits on the number of users/customers, tickets or anything else.

How can I pay for On-Premise?

You can buy your license with a credit card, a check, by PayPal or through bank transfer (including ACH).

How difficult is it to install and maintain DeskPRO On-Premise?

We provide VM images and automated install scripts to make installation easy.

You need basic system administration skills to maintain On-Premise helpdesk: if your organization does not have someone with the required skills, we recommend Cloud.

Can I change the number of agents?

You can increase the number of agents at any time and simply pay the difference in a pro-rata fee: to add 10 more agents halfway through your annual billing period, you'd pay half the annual fee for 10 agents.

Can I switch between Cloud and On-Premise?

Yes, you can switch either way at any time.

How do I update an On-Premise helpdesk?

You'll be notified in the admin interface when a new version of DeskPRO is available. For most installations, updating is a one-click process and takes minutes.

Why is DeskPRO On-Premise priced as an annual license rather than a one-off fee?

As a DeskPRO On-Premise customer, you're not just paying for software. You're paying for responsive, high-quality support that our customers love, plus regular updates to the platform (over 60 major features added in the past year).

Beware of solutions that offer a one-off payment, but charge extra for support and security updates. Your helpdesk is mission-critical software: support and updates should never be optional extras.

Our annual pricing model means you can be assured that we'll always be working hard to keep you as a customer.

Buy your DeskPRO On-Premise license now 30 Agents / $3,600 per year