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Our company

Deskpro in one sentence

Deskpro develops affordable helpdesk software that helps organizations provide better customer support.

Elevator pitch

Deskpro helps organizations provide better customer support through a single, easy-to-use interface for managing all customer support interactions across email, live chat, phone, and social media.

Deskpro automates simple, mundane and time-intensive customer support processes - creating more engaged and productive staff. As a result, customers receive faster support resolutions, and more positive, memorable brand experiences.

Deskpro differentiates itself from competitors through making software that is both fully-featured and simply priced, and has been developing helpdesk software for over 15 years. Customers include Microsoft, HMRC, Brown University, Capital One, Vodafone, and Hotel Chocolat.

How to write our name

Deskpro should be referred to as ‘Deskpro’ across all communications. ‘DeskPRO’ was our name before our rebrand in 2017.

Even more about Deskpro

For more information about Deskpro and our journey, visit our About Us page.

Our leadership team

Chris Padfield, CEO

Whilst studying at Oxford University in 2001, Chris noticed that organizations needed a way to manage customer interactions in an emergent multichannel environment.

Chris built Deskpro in his dorm room, and went on to grow the software into one of Europe's fastest growing tech companies.

Despite being the busiest body in Deskpro HQ, Chris still finds opportunities to spend time with his family, go skiing, drink craft beers, and get the occasional bit of sleep.

Christopher Nadeau, CTO

Christopher Nadeau grew up in a sleepy town in Ontario, Canada. He became obsessed with technology after his Dad introduced him to the Commodore PET 64.

Christopher joined Chris Padfield to build Deskpro v3 in 2006, and emigrated to London to help establish Deskpro HQ.

When he’s not working or studying new technologies, Christopher takes life easy by going hiking, travelling, and happily taking money from friends and colleagues over games of poker.


Our brand

Please use the full logo with dark blue text as standard. The white text logo is an alternative. Our logo alone is intended for use when space is limited.

Our customers

Brown University:

“Nothing falls through the cracks with Deskpro. We no longer have to worry about who's working on which issue - so that's been a great for improving the experience of our students.”


Car Target:

“Without Deskpro, we’d have to pay a lot more for a helpdesk that does a lot less.”



"The diversity within the Deskpro platform has been absolutely essential in allowing us to provide customer support at speed, scale - and with a high level of quality."


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