Why a Helpdesk?

Why do you need dedicated helpdesk software?

What's wrong with doing all your customer service from Gmail or Outlook?

"I forgot to Reply All"

Good customer service needs to be seamless. With email, it's too easy for key staff to drop off threads and miss messages. Or, potentially even worse, for internal discussions to get accidentally sent to a customer.

Important issues fall through the cracks, and customers end up feeling ignored.

"I think Sheila was dealing with this"

Even if you're taking support emails from a shared inbox, inevitably your customers will start emailing whoever helped them last.

Your support communications end up fragmented across different inboxes, with no way to get an overview.

Customers use different communication channels

How do you quickly tie an email thread to a phone message? If you help a customer over instant messaging, can the rest of your team see what was said?

How do you track performance?

If you're doing all your support by email, there's no easy way to tell how well you're doing it. What's your average first response time? How long does it take you to resolve the typical customer issue?

Without being able to answer these basic questions, you have no way to make decisions about customer service policies and staffing levels.

With a helpdesk, each issue becomes a ticket

A helpdesk software platform like DeskPRO ties all your communication about each issue - emails, chat messages, internal notes - into a ticket.

See context at a glance

A ticket shows the history of all the messages with your helpdesk about an issue, even if several different agents have communicated with the user.

You never have to ask the customer to explain all over again because you didn't see an email thread.

Assignment = clear responsibility

Each ticket can be assigned to an agent, so everyone can see who is meant to be dealing with it. Managers or supervisors can easily assign tickets to other agents: for example, giving simple questions to junior staff, and harder tickets to more experienced agents.

As far as users are concerned, it's just email

Your customers don't need to learn anything new to interact with your helpdesk. They still email you at the same addresses, and agent replies are emailed back to them. Agents can forward emails misdirected to their personal accounts straight into the helpdesk.

Get a clear overview

With an interface designed to track ticket status, helpdesk software makes it easy to see exactly how many tickets need a response, and who's responsible.

Sort and filter tickets

A good helpdesk platform gives you options to customize your view of the helpdesk, so you can always see the tickets you need.

Help customers help themselves

Good helpdesk software comes with a web portal, so you can provide help content and FAQs.

Publish help content with no friction

Customers love FAQs and how-to guides that let them find instant answers to their questions instead of waiting for a reply. When customers can solve their own problems, you receive fewer tickets.

Hosting this content on your website or a blog platform means it's often slow and awkward to maintain, and ends up out of date, frustrating customers.

With a helpdesk, agents can maintain and update help content directly with a rich-text editor, so it's easy to keep it up to date.

Answers at your fingertips

Even when a customer doesn't look at the portal, you can save time by sending a link to a pre-written answer, instead of answering the same question over and over again.

Easier for you, easier for your customers

Your users can log in to an online portal to view and manage their tickets. They can reply to you, resolve tickets and search the answers to their previous tickets.

Treat everyone like your favorite customer

You always have context for every customer request, so it's easier to understand the history of a problem and & anticipate what your users need

See problems in context

Using a helpdesk makes it easy to view a user's full history. You can see what problems they've had before, what type of user they are, and internal notes on their preferences.

Build a relationship with your whole team

Even if you've never helped a particular customer, you'll see at a glance how they've interacted with the helpdesk before, so you can give your support a personal touch.

Unified search

Remember that you solved the same problem 3 months ago, but not what the solution was? With your full support history archived in your helpdesk, you can search for the answer.

Why DeskPRO?

Unique real-time interface

DeskPRO's advanced interface is designed to make helping customers fast and easy.

Joy of use

Most web-based helpdesks offer simplistic interfaces that soon become frustrating and repetitive to use.

DeskPRO's agent interface is designed with productivity in mind. We're aware that your agents are probably going to be using the helpdesk all day, so we've taken care to eliminate annoyances.

When a ticket updates, the change is displayed instantly: there's no need to keep hitting refresh to see what's happening.

Fast and convenient

Although the interface is 100% web-based, it feels as fast and responsive as the best desktop software. You can switch rapidly between different items of helpdesk content in a tabbed interface, and filter and sort tickets with a 3-pane interface.

You can paste screenshots into replies, and drag and drop files to attach, just like you would on the desktop.

View ticket updates instantly

Unlike many web-based platforms, DeskPRO shows you the current state of your tickets in real-time. You'll see when a new ticket has been created or assigned to you straight away, not the next time you hit refresh.

Real-time drafts

When another agent is writing a message to a user, you can see their draft message in real time. There's no chance of needless double replies, or confusion about who's answering.

Word-by-word chat preview

DeskPRO's integrated live chat has a unique real-time preview feature. As users message you, you can see what they're typing word by word, which means you can start researching an answer before they've even hit send.

Flexible configuration

Unlike other helpdesk products, DeskPRO adapts to the way you work.

Powerful, easy-to-use automation

You can automate routine processes and enforce business rules with DeskPRO's triggers, escalations and SLAs. Almost anything your agents can do manually can be automated. Routine processes, from turning an email into a ticket to emailing a reply to a user, are controlled by triggers which you can edit: so your helpdesk can run exactly how you want.

Choice of deployment

Most of our customers opt for our reliable, hassle-free Cloud service, but if you prefer to run your helpdesk on your own servers, you can use our self-hosted On-Premise product. If there are regulatory reasons why you can't use a Cloud helpdesk, DeskPRO On-Premise is the ideal solution.

Fine-grained permissions for agents and users

Need to limit what trainee agents can do until the training wheels are off? Want to reserve live chat support for VIP customers only? Agent and usergroup permissions give you precise control over what they can do.

Simple, transparent pricing

Unlike a lot of business software, we don't limit our best features to an expensive 'enterprise' price plan.

You pay a simple, per-agent price for access to all DeskPRO's features.

Great support

The helpdesk system you select will become a vital part of your business. That's why we offer fast, friendly email support to keep everything running smoothly.

We're proud to say that our customer testimonials reflect how committed we are to high quality support.