Website Integration

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A helpdesk that works with your website

Your users don't need to visit the portal to interact with your helpdesk. You can add DeskPRO ticket forms and chat to your website, or embed the whole portal.

Easy embedding

It's quick and easy to add DeskPRO features to your site. We give you a few lines of Javascript, you add it to your pages, and you're done.

Web channel

When users run into problems, your website is their most likely first port of call. Accept tickets from embedded forms, or add a compact Feedback & Support tab at the side of your page.

Live chat is included

DeskPRO's integrated real-time chat is better than standalone solutions, and easy to install on your site.

Ticket forms

Make it easy for customers to get in touch: embed a contact form which submits a ticket straight to DeskPRO. Using DeskPRO departments, you can have a tailored form with different fields for each area of your site, so you always collect exactly the information you need.

Chat widget

Embed the chat widget to offer instant support from any page on your website. Troubleshoot problems quickly, or answer last-minute presales questions.

You'll have instant access to the user's profile and ticket history, the page on your site they're looking at, and a preview of what they're typing before they hit send.

Embed the portal

You can embed the complete portal in your web page.

Using the portal template system and CSS, you can tailor the portal design and text to match the style and personality of your website.

Advanced forms integration via API

If our standard ticket form embed doesn't do everything you need, you can use the DeskPRO API to create advanced custom forms.

For example, you can create a form which submits a ticket to DeskPRO and sends information to your other systems.

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One account for everything

If you already have an account system on your website or online store, there's no need to make your customers sign up for a separate account to log in to your DeskPRO portal.

DeskPRO comes with many authentication & Single Sign-On options. You can take user account details from a database, your forum system or CMS, Magento, or using the JSON Web Token standard.

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