DeskPRO for Users

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Exceptional user experience

Whether you're running an IT helpdesk or an e-commerce site, a Fortune 500 company or a new startup, DeskPRO gives you all the tools you need to deliver great support.

Chat offers instant answers

Users love the immediacy of real-time chat. DeskPRO includes a full-featured chat solution that you can integrate with your existing site in a couple of minutes.

Keep customers in the loop with News

Need a place to post warnings about service outages, or news of your latest products? Your DeskPRO portal includes a News section that's easy to update and right from the agent interface - no separate blogging software required.

Develop your Knowledgebase

Today, most users will try self-service before they contact an agent. Make sure they have the right answers to hand by hosting Knowledgebase articles.

We've made building up a comprehensive Knowledgebase fast and easy. Use an existing ticket answer as the basis of a pending article.

Fast, comprehensive portal search

Users search your portal with cutting edge search technology that delivers near-instant results with smart ranking.

If you need to ensure users see an important article for certain search terms, you can use Search Words to guarantee it's ranked near the top.

Answers in every language

Let users browse the portal and get notification emails in their own language. DeskPRO supports 20 languages (and rising).

It's easy to add translations of all your helpdesk articles and other content you've created.

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