Perfect responses, in just two clicks

Boost productivity, eliminate errors and delight customers with Deskpro Snippets


Every common response is readily available, so agents never waste time typing the same reply twice.


Standardized responses mean agents are less likely to make mistakes when typing replies to customers.


Agents using snippets can send the perfect response to customers in mere seconds - making everyone happier.


Provide international support with ease. Snippets comes with multi-brand and multi-language helpdesks.


Allow developers and IT teams to easily integrate Snippets with the rest of your software applications.

A beautiful, easy-to-use interface

  • Easy access

    Start using Snippets in seconds. Use simple keyboard shortcuts to bring up the Snippets interface, search for snippets, and select them with ease.

  • Simple view

    View the snippets interface and ticket reply side by side, with plenty of space to view, select, and preview snippets.

  • Speedy search

    Find the perfect response instantly. Once the Snippets interface is open, simply start typing search terms to find the right snippet.

  • Intelligent filtering

    Hone in on the most appropriate snippet. Filter which snippets appear in the interface by label to find the right response in seconds.

  • Create your own

    Add to a growing library of responses. Create new snippets with rich content editing tools, and save drafts if you’re not quite done.

Convenience without comparison

Take a shortcut

You don’t even need the interface to use Snippets. Insert responses by typing a designated shortcode directly into customer replies.

Keep it personal

Personalize each snippet without additional tweaking. Variables automatically insert case-specific information into replies, including custom field data.

Multichannel snippets

Different channels require different communicative styles. Customize snippets to automatically change text content based on channel.


Never get lost in files when using Snippets. Assign attachments to snippets to automatically include them in replies.

Built for scale

Don’t worry about ‘too many’ snippets. Deskpro can handle multiple agents storing, creating and using thousands of snippets a minute.

Discover the
value of Snippets

A little context

See the recent uses of any snippet, tickets that used that particular snippet, or sort snippets by frequency of use.


Find out exactly which kinds of snippets are being utilized. View and explore snippet usage reports.


Keep an eye any changes made to snippets with a handy changelog.


See user feedback on agent replies that used particular snippets.


Use your Deskpro snippets in other systems or applications - or just keep a copy of them for later.

Super-simple management

  • Apply labels

    Make snippets easy to find. Apply labels to snippets in order to categorize them based on any criteria you find useful.

  • Limit visibility

    Prevent agents from trawling through irrelevant snippets. Determine the visibility of snippets across specific departments.

  • Control ownership

    Determine who can see, edit and use individual snippets. Allow access for just you, specific teams, or everyone.

  • Assign permissions

    Set permissions to determine whether individual agents or departments can create, edit and remove particular snippets.

  • Take action

    Edit the qualities of multiple snippets at once with mass actions. Change label, visibility, ownership, channel, and status settings in a flash.

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