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Fast answers and in-depth analysis

DeskPRO gives you powerful enterprise-grade reporting features.

All the data you need

Built-in reporting of key stats

Fast answers to common questions are available at your fingertips. See how many tickets fail SLAs, compare ticket resolution times between departments, identify your busiest times and much more.

Precise custom reports

Build reports which show exactly the information you need, including graphs and charts. Export to CSV or PDF.

Agent performance reports

Monitor agent activity, hours worked, time billed and ticket satisfaction scores.

The ability to produce custom reports is also great! It comes with a bunch of templates for common reports, but you can take those templates, and create your own.

Mark Fisher, Contractor for the US Army Corp of Engineers


The first Reports page shows you key performance indicators like unresolved ticket load and average first response time.

You can change the time frame and filter results by department, product, agent or multiple other fields.

Powerful report builder

The Report Builder offers 50+ built-in reports that you can customize with pull-downs to display data in thousands of combinations.

Need more precision? Use the simple DPQL query language to make reports with exactly the right data for each stakeholder.

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Manual DPQL documentation

Agent monitoring and productivity

Audit what your agents do and how long they spend actively using the interface. Reporting helps guide you to make the best use agent productivity features like macros, snippets and mass actions.

Billing reports

Track chargeable agent time automatically for accurate reporting, or track flat-rate charges to your users. Get fast reports broken down by agent, user or organization.

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