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Crowdsource your way to better service

The Feedback area of the portal enables your users to suggest improvements to your products and services, and vote on each other's ideas.

Listen to your customers

Most tickets are sent in response to an immediate problem. But users often have valuable feedback that doesn't show up in tickets: from a minor annoyance that you could fix for everyone, to a product idea that could be your company's next big hit.

The feedback area of the portal is dedicated to capturing these user ideas and suggestions, and helping you prioritise them.

Choose the type of feedback you want

You define the feedback types your users can select. Keep it general by asking for "Suggestions", or specify particular areas where you want feedback like "Packaging" or "Setup Process".

Collect feedback on your retail experience, your website, ideas for the product you should make next - whatever's relevant to you.

Show users how you're responding

Each item of feedback has a public status, so users can see when you're planning on implementing a suggestion, or working on it - or if you've declined it and they should think of something else.

Just as with types, you can define your own custom statuses.

Everyone votes up the best ideas

It's sometimes hard to tell if an item of feedback is one person's pet hang-up, or a great idea that can benefit everyone.

Users (and agents) vote on feedback, so you can prioritise which ideas to explore.

Easy moderation

Your agents can approve or reject feedback and comments from within the agent interface.

Choose whether items and comments are published on submission, or if they need approval. You can even have different approval settings for each usergroup.

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