DeskPRO for Enterprise

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A platform, not just a helpdesk

Every helpdesk is different. That's why we've built DeskPRO with unparalleled customization and flexibility.

Advanced automation, rich custom field options, powerful user and agent permission systems, and a full developer framework. You can change DeskPRO to fit the way you work, not the other way around.

12 years of experience

We've been making helpdesk software since 2002. That's over 12 years of listening to our customers and refining our product to make it the best helpdesk platform on the market.

DeskPRO is all we do. We're not trying to upsell you to some other product. We just make a great helpdesk that integrates with the software you already use.

Proven scalability and reliability

DeskPRO is engineered to perform at scale. Major enterprises rely on our platform to handle customer service for millions of users.

Reliable Cloud hosting

Cut down on IT overheads with our reliable hosted Cloud service. We handle all the busywork of updates, backups, security patches and bandwidth costs, leaving your staff free to focus on running the helpdesk.

Leading On-Premise solution

For enterprises that need full control of their data, DeskPRO On-Premise enables you to run your helpdesk on your own server infrastructure. DeskPRO supports multi-node configurations for high performance and availability.

Handle millions of tickets

DeskPRO incorporates ticket archiving and enterprise-grade Elasticsearch technology. Both Cloud and On-Premise can support the busiest helpdesks.

Who's Already Using DeskPRO?

The world's largest organizations trust DeskPRO to manage their customer support at scale.

Agent monitoring and productivity

Audit what your agents do and how long they spend actively using the interface. Improve agent effectiveness with easy-to-use automation features like macros, snippets and mass actions.

Powerful, precise reports

Built-in reports give you access to Key Performance Indicators in seconds. Dig deeper with fully customizable reports that can retrieve the right data for each stakeholder.

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