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Live chat lets customers reach you instantly

Real-time chat can speed up your support, help you close sales and provide more personal service. DeskPRO includes an optional, fully-integrated chat system with better features than leading standalone chat solutions.

Quick answers for users

Users love the instant connection with your agents. Answer their pre-sale questions or troubleshoot in real time.

Powerful features for agents

Chat is integrated with your helpdesk, not an afterthought. Quickly see the user's history, and search full chat transcripts.

Our employees love the new chat feature as it saves them time from running around trying to locate help. Help is now at their fingertips... they can focus more on getting the job done.

Mike Offenbecher, Maintenance Manager

Our chat system on your website

It's easy to add our chat widget to your site. Paste in a few lines of code and you're live. Offer chat on a few pages on your site, or all of them.

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Manual Embedding the chat widget

Live message preview

When users message you, you can see what they're typing in real time. So you can start finding an answer before they even hit send.

See chats in context

Our chat system isn't a plugin for some obscure third-party service. We built it ourselves to work in harmony with the rest of DeskPRO. You can bring up a chat user's profile and history in one click, giving you a better understanding of their needs.

Full-text search

Previous chats are included in DeskPRO's fast, full-text search.

Never miss a chat

The chat alert shows who wants to chat and why. Audio alerts tell you when a user wants to chat or has sent a new message.

See what they're looking at

When chatting, you can see which page on your site or portal the user is browsing. So you get context for their questions, and if you ask them to follow a link, you can make sure they're in the right place.

Route chats to the right place

With chat departments, you can see at a glance why the user wants to chat. Whether it's a sales inquiry or a request for troubleshooting help, it's easy to make sure the right person answers.

Chat to ticket

Can't resolve the user's issue during the chat session? Create a ticket linked to the chat transcript with one click.

Talk faster with snippets

Agents often have to answer the same questions over and over. With snippets, you can insert common responses with a click or a shortcode, then personalise before you send. Chat efficiently, without losing the personal touch.

Full-text search

Previous chats are included in DeskPRO's fast, full-text search. So if you remember troubleshooting the same problem over chat 6 months ago, but don't remember the solution, it's at your fingertips.

Block problem users

Don't waste valuable time on abusive or time-wasting chat users. Agents can block them and optionally ban their IP address from using chat.

Get the info you need up front

Add custom chat fields to request important information from the user before the chat starts, so your agents don't have to ask during the chat.

Rich chat content

Format chat responses in rich text, including bold, italic and links

Send and receive files and pictures. It's easy for your agents to emphasise and explain.

Make sure chat is covered

The chat button shows how many agents and users are ready to chat, so you can see at a glance if you have enough agents ready to chat.