Twitter Authentication App

Add Twitter login to your portal

Install the DeskPRO Twitter app to enable users to log in to your support portal with their Twitter accounts.

Streamline your customer experience

When a user has a problem, they want to resolve it as fast as possible. Don't make them register for another account to use your portal.

With the Twitter authentication app, users can log in to your support portal with the account they already have.

Flexible configuration

DeskPRO lets you combine multiple authentication & Single Sign-On options.

You could require all users to log in with a Twitter account, or make it an alternative to a DeskPRO account, alongside any of 20 other supported account sources.

Any authentication source can be used to log in users, agents or both.

Quick and easy to set up

We've already done the hard work. Installing the Twitter app on your helpdesk only takes a minute or two.