LDAP Authentication App

LDAP app for unified login management

Use your existing LDAP account records to sign in agents or users.

Simplify account management

DeskPRO integrates with LDAP, so you can use existing credentials for helpdesk login.

You can enable LDAP authentication for users, agents or both.

You don't have to pay any extra to use LDAP with DeskPRO. Like all our advanced features, it's included in our simple, flat pricing.

Flexible authentication

DeskPRO lets you configure helpdesk authentication the way you want it.

LDAP can be the sole source of login credentials, or you can offer it alongside standard DeskPRO accounts, or any of 20 other supported authentication sources.

Auto Sync

Once you've connected your helpdesk to your LDAP source, you can enable Auto Sync, so your helpdesk accounts are updated to reflect changes in the LDAP data.

If required, you can also sync records manually.