JSON Web Token Authentication

JWT for user authentication

Authenticate helpdesk users from your own web service using the simple JSON Web Token standard.

Log users in to DeskPRO with your own code

If you already have a custom website or other web service with user accounts, you can use the JSON Web Token standard to integrate it with DeskPRO.

JWT lets you securely verify that a user or agent should be logged in.

Easy integration

Implementing JWT is simple. There are JWT libraries available for every major web development language, and we provide full documentation and example code.

Learn more
Manual JWT app documentation Page Example JWT implementation on GitHub Page JWT libraries on jwt.io

Flexible configuration

Once you've implemented JSON Web Token, just install the free DeskPRO JWT app and complete setup. JWT can replace the standard DeskPRO account system, or work alongside any of 20+ supported authentication systems.

All DeskPRO apps and advanced features are included in our simple, flat pricing: no expensive "premium" or "enterprise" plans needed.