DeskPRO for Admins

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A modern helpdesk platform

DeskPRO is easy to administer, but flexible enough to handle the complexities of the real world.

Capture your support process

Define your own categories, priorities, workflows and products to help sort and filter tickets and other helpdesk content, and capture the way you work.

Powerful custom fields

Add completely custom fields to store the information you need on tickets, users, organizations and chats.

Choose from 11 field types to store all kinds of information, from simple text to multiple choice to date and time.

Set helpdesk policy and audit access

You have control over your helpdesk's security policies, like password rules and login attempt limits. IP whitelisting stops login attempts that don't come from approved locations. Extensive logs of agent and admin activity make it easy to spot account abuse.

Integration with the software you use already

DeskPRO has a library of apps which provide easy integration with leading enterprise software.

Link your tickets to JIRA issues. Access CRM records from Highrise or SalesForce within the DeskPRO agent interface. Reduce password admin overhead by implementing shared authentication, including true Single Sign-On.

Developers are covered

If we don't have the app you need, or you want to integrate DeskPRO with your own code, there are extensive developer options with full documentation and code examples.

Customize the agent interface with HTML/Javascript widgets or full PHP apps. Control your helpdesk with our full REST API.

Take total control with DeskPRO On-Premise

DeskPRO On-Premise is the secure, scalable helpdesk platform you can host yourself.

Keep your data in-house

If you need to maximise your control over your helpdesk data, and don't mind managing your own servers, backups, and bandwidth, DeskPRO On-Premise is for you.

DeskPRO On-Premise is easy to install and maintain. It works on any OS/webserver combination that can run PHP.

Runs on your servers and behind your firewall

Don't want anyone outside your organization to be able to log in to the helpdesk or see the protal? With DeskPRO On-Premise, you can limit access to DeskPRO web interfaces to your intranet or VPN.

Securely-managed helpdesk with DeskPRO Cloud

If you don't have the resources or time to host your own helpdesk, you can rely on the security of our Cloud service.

State of the art data management

We host your helpdesk in state of the art data centers, externally audited to meet the SSAE16 SOC 1 Type I standard for physical security.

All data is immediately written to disk and backed up in multiple locations, run by different providers on different continents.

Control security policies

You can define the password policy for users and agents. Enable IP whitelisting to prevent login from untrusted IP addresses.

Highly reliable

Deployment and maintenance of servers is automated for reliability. We regularly patch all Cloud servers with the latest software versions.

We guarantee and regularly exceed 99.9% uptime. Our most recent uptime over the preceding month was 99.989%.

We use leading third-party DDoS protection to minimise the risk of your access being affected by data flooding attacks.