Consultancy & customer work

Portal styling

Many of our customers believe their self-service portal should feel like an extension of their website. If you’re not well-versed in HTML or CSS, this can be a little tricky to do alone.

If you’re lacking the skills to make your Deskpro portal reflect your brand or style perfectly, our crack team of designers can do it for you.

Custom Development

Every now and then, our customers find they need to do something that Deskpro can’t. Unlike other leading helpdesk providers, we’re more than happy to work on developing the features you need for a reasonable price.

Deskpro’s intelligent design, and our team of highly-skilled developers means adding extra functionality is as simple, fast and inexpensive as possible.


If you’re unsure about the best way to set Deskpro up for your organization, we can give you a hand. Whether it’s developing custom reports, or discovering how to unleash the potential of our powerful automation features, our experienced helpdesk wizards ready to help.

If you need help with Deskpro On-Site administration, we also offer managed installation and upgrade services.

How much does consultancy cost?

We work closely with our customers to fully agree on the scope of work upfront, and deliver any projects we agree to for a fixed price over a defined timeframe. If you’re not a Deskpro customer but want to become one, we can provide a quote for any modifications you need as part of the sales process.

A small tweak can cost as little as $250, with most projects falling between $1000 and $25,000. We require payment in advance for work under $10,000. Projects over this size require 50% of the total fee upfront, and the remaining 50% upon delivery.

Each project can be just as diverse as the customers we work with, so please contact us to discuss requirements and get a quote.

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