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How İMECE Destek upgraded their customer support by moving from Outlook to Deskpro.

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As İMECE Destek's customer support volume began to grow, they needed a powerful cloud solution compatible with their current business operations to continue to provide excellent support.
The Challenge

İMECE Destek were using Outlook for their customer support but they were beginning to struggle. As the volume of emails began to grow and the team expanded, a shared inbox was not allowing the team to provide excellent customer support.

Mustafa Büyükkaya, IT & Business Development Manager, lead the search for a new helpdesk solution. As the team at İMECE Destek had not previously used a helpdesk, they started by writing out a plan and a checklist of priorities.

“As we were coming from Outlook, even basic features such as ticketing and a CRM were a step up. We also needed SLA’s, flexible reporting and automations to help our agents. But, because we are a Turkish company, the key thing was to have the software available in Turkish language.”

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İMECE Destek was established in 2014 to provide integrated solutions to insurance companies in the Health Insurance industry. With a highly experienced team, their goal is to enable insurance coverage for the rapidly growing business market in Turkey.
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The Solution

As İMECE Destek had not used a helpdesk before, Mustafa was keen research their options in-depth. He wanted to ensure the change was smooth and chosen helpdesk was a long-term solution that could add and improve customer support processes.

Alongside the support team at Deskpro, Mustafa set about creating an implementation plan for moving support from Outlook to Deskpro. It also needed to include completing the set-up in Turkish, which was made possible with Deskpro Language pack extensions.

"We were aware that the Turkish language is not the most common and needed to be able to translate parts of the software. "
Mustafa Büyükkaya
Mustafa Büyükkaya
IT & Business Development Manager, İMECE Destek
"We were looking for something that was affordable but contained all the features of an omni-channel helpdesk, Deskpro Cloud was exactly that solution. "
Mustafa Büyükkaya, IT & Business Development Manager, İMECE Destek
The Benefits

The benefits to İMECE Destek from using Deskpro were felt immediately after they switched. By using SLAs and Escalations, they were able to instantly create and up-hold business rules that were too tough to manage in Outlook.

“We are always glad that we moved from Outlook to Deskpro, our capacity to handle support is much better now. We can measure our performance and stay on-top of all our client communication.”

Being able to utilize a reporting dashboard and custom queries was one of the major things that was just not possible for Mustafa and the team at İMECE Destek before they switched to Deskpro. The reporting interface allows reports to be created from all of the data in the helpdesk. Allowing them to understand metrics such as which agents are performing well or check on the number of new tickets per hour. “I educated one of my teammates on how to use the DPQL reporting language. So we can create all of our own dashboards and run our own queries.”

When Mustafa or any of his team have run into an issue including help creating custom reports, they simply reach out to the support team at Deskpro, as support is included as standard with all of our licenses.

The Future

The team at İMECE Destek are currently using Deskpro for logging calls manually, to keep all of their customer communications in one place. Mustafa is looking forward to implementing Deskpro Voice on their helpdesk.

“I am really looking forward to connecting to Deskpro Voice. It will mean we can manage a call center directly within our helpdesk.”

"I really admire the dedication of the team to help us, during the sales process and once we purchased. It’s good to know that Deskpro is interested in their customers problems. "
Mustafa Büyükkaya
Mustafa Büyükkaya
IT & Business Development Manager, İMECE Destek

İMECE Destek's favorite features of Deskpro


Understand customer data and improve your support with insights you can act on


Run actions on tickets that have spent a set amount of time in a certain state.


Set up universal targets for replying or resolving tickets in the helpdesk.

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