Discover How Global HR & Recruitment Provider Randstad, Implemented Their New Customer Support Software With Ease.

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Randstad wanted an on-premise helpdesk solution that was easy to understand, quick to set up whilst being customizable.
The Challenge

Randstad needed to search for a new helpdesk software solution, in order to assist with handling future job prospects for their clients. It was the responsibility of the IT team to ensure Randstad moved to the right helpdesk software.

“Nowadays you have to get through projects like these as quickly as possible when you have a budget to work with.”

During his search there were expectations of how much time this would take. The system needed to have features that would help give their clients the high level of support they were used to as well as being user friendly enough that the internal team could handle the implementation themselves.

The helpdesk solution that they were looking for needed to be On-Premise, but also not require too much work to maintain, as they were conscious of taking time away from the team.

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The Solution

After looking at other systems and seeing that the options available required unreasonable amounts of time setting up due to the coding required, the search continued. It wasn’t until they found Deskpro that a good balance was found between features, usability and implementation.

“Such a large project like this usually takes about six months minimum. So, the fact that we could implement Deskpro within a month or two is incredibly impressive”

While talking to our support team it became apparent that Deskpro was capable of supporting Randstad’s requirement as the customization offered by Deskpro meant we were flexible enough to meet any of their needs now and in the future.

“You can play around with functions and get creative with how things work” The team found Deskpro easy to use and understand also lead to the helpdesk being up and running much sooner than they were previously left to believe.

"Response times of support are really impressive, along with the comprehensive guides and knowledgebase content. "
Technical Support Manager, Randstad
"I've actually never worked with a software that has been so seamless. "
Technical Support Manager, Randstad
The Benefits

“Support was great at helping us do the installation”

The Deskpro On-Premise option was the right choice for Randstad as the speed of the implementation meant they do not need to be concerned about any future growth, knowing that it will not take too long to set, or for future agents to learn, knowing there was an extensive supply of guides should anyone require guidance, as well as the support team that could always be relied on.

“Response times of support and then the content on the website is impressive”

It was very important that Deskpro could offer plenty of options, without requiring any coding skills. This is crucial to the ease of the system and allows any new administrators to be trained without needing to have this specialised skill set.

“Very satisfied with the software and it works well. There are a lot of options to offer my agents, so they can stay organized, so we're really happy.”

The Future

Taking advantage of how easy to use Deskpro is, the IT team are helping onboard multiple new departments on the Deskpro software, so that they can also make their helpdesk perfect for them. This can all be done in the knowledge that no one has to worry about a lack of knowledge of this new system, as the team at Randstad have shown how easy it can be.

As well as expanding into other department, they are able to look towards having multiple administrators, who can learn how to use the software and focus on their own projects, with minimal training required. This means that the work is being spread more evenly, without having to worry about supervision.

"Such a large project like this usually takes about six months minimum. So, the fact that we could implement Deskpro within a month or two is incredibly impressive. "
Technical Support Manager, Randstad

Improve the quality of your customer support

Multibrand portals

Support multiple brands or child organizations from a single helpdesk.

Auto Assignment

Communicate with only other agents within open tickets using notes and @ mentions.


Author and publish articles that provide users with how-to information and answers to FAQs.


Set up universal targets for replying or resolving tickets in the helpdesk.

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