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Global Locations
Car Target wanted to make car rentals simple for customers all over the globe by implementing a highly-customizable helpdesk that scales with rapid commercial growth.
The Challenge

As one of the biggest global online vehicle rental brokers, Car Target prides itself on making car rental simple, quick and easy for its customers - which means effectively managing a diverse range of customer experiences across over 10,000 locations globally.

Martin Pislar, IT Project Manager at Car Target describes the company’s approach to customer experience. “Our bottom line at Car Target is making car rentals truly simple, and we can’t deliver on that promise without effective and efficient customer support.”

Prior to Deskpro, Car Target was using a simple Customer Relationship Management system to handle all customer support queries and issues. The system had issues with performance and scale, and struggled to meet the specific requirements for Martin and the technical team at Car Target.

“It troubles me to even think about our customer support software before using Deskpro,” explains Pislar explains. “The system we were using was not fit for purpose. There was little functionality, generally slow software performance, and a terrible support experience whenever we needed assistance with the product.”

As a result, Pislar and the technical team at Car Target struggled to handle customer support issues with efficiency, and simple tasks became complicated and tedious. Without the right tools for the job, Car Target couldn’t provide the level of customer support vital to making rentals simple for everyone.

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Car Target is one of the world’s biggest online car rental companies, and the developer of advanced B2C and B2B car rental broker platforms that make providing and securing vehicle rentals simple. Car Target operates in more than 130 countries with a team that speak 14 languages.
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The Solution

Looking for a new helpdesk, Pislar and his team grew disillusioned with the process. Whilst examining Zendesk,, Freshdesk, and many other helpdesk providers for suitability, Pislar started to tire.

“The process of finding a new helpdesk was incredibly frustrating for us,” explains Pislar. “We looked at everything the market had to offer. Most providers seemed to have complicated and expensive pricing structures, or a distinct lack of features and capability.”

The team continued to search for an appropriate solution, and after trialling Deskpro, quickly came to the conclusion that the customizability, power and simplicity of the software made it a perfect fit for their specific needs. “We were recommended Deskpro by another company. After using the trial version, it quickly became apparent that this was the solution we were looking for.”

One of the key criteria Car Target had identified for a new helpdesk was versatility. “We wanted to be able to use the same helpdesk for both customer and internal support,” comments Pislar. It was very important for us to find a solution that could service the entire organization. Deskpro covers all our needs.”

The multilingual and multibrand features of the software meant the team at Car Target could rely on Deskpro to provide high-quality support to customers and employees alike - all over the globe, and across almost any channel.

“We needed something that could scale with us,” explains Pislar.

Another important factor in selecting the right helpdesk for Pislar and his team was the buying process. “We were fast becoming fed up of complicated pricing structures and lacklustre interactions with many helpdesk providers,” comments Pislar. “The team at Deskpro were always on hand to discuss our needs with us during the consideration process, and the pricing of the product was straightforward. This was important.”

"We’ve been able to achieve wizardry with the dozens of automation features Deskpro includes. "
Martin Pislar
Martin Pislar
IT Project Manager, Car Target
"Without Deskpro we’d have to pay a lot more for a helpdesk that does a lot less. "
Martin Pislar, IT Project Manager, Car Target
The Benefits

After implementing Deskpro, positive results quickly started to manifest for the technical and support teams at Car Target. This was especially true for frontline agents who were required to spend a significant amount of time interacting with helpdesk software every day.

“We’re a really big fan of the agent interface. It’s simple, powerful, and easy to use. Every one of our teams here love it,” says Pislar.

Taking full advantage of its versatility, Car Target began using Deskpro across several departments: Customer Service, Claims, Accounts, and IT. “We’ve been able to easily create departments within Deskpro that reflect the nature of our organization, and it makes supporting the interdepartmental processes we rely on for success very simple.”

By segmenting the helpdesk and its agents into different departments, Car Target are able to restrict visibility, access and functionality to only what’s necessary for each department - or even individual agents.

“Our agents stay properly focussed this way,” comments Pislar. “Deskpro also gives us the freedom to do the same for our customers and internal end-users,” he adds. Using Deskpro’s fully integrated helpdesk CRM means that Car Target is able to segment usergroups and attribute them with specific permissions. This determines exactly how customers and internal end-users can interact with ticket submissions and support content.

“One of the most powerful ways we use Deskpro is through combining CRM settings with custom ticket fields,” Pislar begins. “We deal with a lot of criteria for processing claims. With Deskpro, we can simply hide all irrelevant information from customers based on their individual case. It makes life much easier for everyone.”

As part of their mission to make rentals simple, Car Target has found Deskpro’s live chat feature enables them to be readily available for customers who might have queries when investigating their product.

“The embeddable live chat widget allows us to engage with existing and potential customers whilst they’re browsing the website,” explains Pislar. “We’re now able to resolve the more simple queries quite quickly.”

As for the more complex customer support interactions, the team at Car Target are making full use of the highly-customizable reports within Deskpro. “We deal with a lot of tickets in our Claims department, and these customer interactions are usually pretty crucial to the success of our brand.” Pislar says. “With Deskpro, we can track the journey of tickets between our departments with accuracy. The custom reports means allow us to assess how much money has been refunded over a defined period of time, and how many cases are still waiting for a refund.”

After using Deskpro for a year, Car Target has been able to create a new standard of excellence for customer support, and maintain success in meeting their mission to make car rentals simple. “I don’t know what we’d do without Deskpro. Life would be hell for our agents, and we’d have to pay a lot more for a helpdesk that does a lot less.”

The Future

As Car Target continue to move into a sustained period of company-wide growth, Martin and the IT team are preparing to extend the value they get from Deskpro even further. “So far, we’ve been able to achieve wizardry with the dozens of automation features Deskpro includes,” says Pislar. “Even the most complex processes are made easy using different triggers and macro actions that the software makes so simple to set up and use.”

“Moving forward, we want to build on the integrative aspects of Deskpro. We’ve just started pulling data from our helpdesk into our Business Intelligence software, and the insights have been very valuable thus far. We believe the data from Deskpro will certainly help us inform wider and more critical business decisions as we grow”

“If I could give any advice to businesses considering Deskpro as a helpdesk, it would be two words: do it. The team at Deskpro are great, the buying experience is excellent, and the software itself has too many useful features for me to describe.”

"With Deskpro, we can simply hide all irrelevant information from customers based on their individual case. It makes life much easier for everyone. "
Martin Pislar
Martin Pislar
IT Project Manager, Car Target

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Automatic Translation

Translate message content using Microsoft Translator.

Agent interface

Manage all emails, chats, tickets and more - using a single, easy-to-understand interface


Divide the helpdesk into groups that reflect your organization, and control access


Understand customer data and improve your support with insights you can act on

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