Typeform helps you run a survey, questionnaire, form, contest so you can gather fata in your helpdesk.

About Typeform

The Typeform helpdesk integration with Deskpro allows you to gather data through your Typeform online questionnaires. You can set up workflows for different forms to perform actions on your helpdesk. Such as creating a new person/organization in the CRM, creating or updating a ticket.

Typeform makes it simple to manage feedback that your customers send into your helpdesk and stores it clearly. By linking Typeform and Deskpro you can give your agents access to the responses and allow them to be proactive with their support.

The Typeform helpdesk integration with Deskpro can be accessed through Zapier. With Deskpro's automations you can set up a new Trigger that generates an action when a New Entry is created.Typeform