About Us

Our principles

We’ve been making helpdesk software for over a decade. Here are the values that guide us.

Helping people should feel good

Software should go beyond 'ease of use' and achieve joy of use. We know that thousands of people spend their working day in DeskPRO, so we’ve worked hard to make the interface as responsive and productive as possible.

Our goal is to make a helpdesk that's a pleasure to use.

You're in control

As our customer, you own your data and have the right to control your own helpdesk. We offer you the choice to deploy our software on your own infrastructure as well as on our Cloud platform.

We give you full access to our source code, the right to modify it for your own use, and the freedom to export your data as you see fit.

Software is not an island

Great software is a platform. That means it’s modular, multi-channel, flexible, and easy to integrate with your existing systems and third-party solutions.


DeskPRO is based in London, UK, with staff and customers all over the world.

Our main office is located in Putney, near the North bank of the River Thames.

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DeskPRO Ltd
81-83 Fulham High Street
United Kingdom

(+1) 1-888-DESKPRO (337 5776)
(+44) 020-3582-1980